The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing things Made With Walnut Shells

The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing things Made With Walnut Shells...more

Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Have you seen the Deco Mesh Wreaths? They’re so pretty and much easier than you’d think! What you need:...more
I make these a lot!  Thank you for the great idea with taping the ends!  I never thought of that ...more

Naughty and Nice

After reading chambanachik's recent blog entry of "Love/Do Not Love (No. 4: Christmas Edition)" I was inspired to come up with my own little list of what I find naughty and nice about the Christmas season. So, without any further ado - Here we go! ...more

Toddy Thursday: Poinsettia Cocktail

Okay, I know I threw a wrench in yesterday's post by not giving you any workout wisdom and it's about to happen again. I know...I'm so type A personality and predictable that you can't believe I'm changing it up again *gasp* but I am!I had to fit this in somehow (I'm not so great at this scheduling thing yet) before Christmas because it's just that amazing. In fact, it's so amazing I only took one picture of it myself :)I love a yummy holiday cocktail and this one is perfect. It's light and refreshing and screams holiday! ...more

No, You Don't Need a North Face Jacket: Teaching My Kids Lessons About Brand Names

I posted something on Facebook about one of my twins saying "But all the kids in my school have one" in reference to wanting a North Face jacket the other day. The Sailor's exact response was, "I don't care if the other kids have Porsches, you're not getting one." We get the same line about all the other kids have iPhones... and here I questioned whether or not getting them basic cell phones was too obnoxious at this age. They can have an iPhone when they can pay their cell phone bill. ...more
I like what you did there, breaking down the price of the product into what I tend to call ...more

Homeschooling and Polymers--Grinch Style

I bought this a while ago, but I pulled it out today, during science and it so caught the boy's attention.Grinch Slime, all you need is:1 Bottle of Elmer's Green Glitter Glue (I got mine at Michael's)1 & 1/2 cups of very warm waterCombine those ingredients in a bowl...more

Ten things to do with your blog over Christmas

 Ten things to do with your blog over ChristmasThe reality of Christmas and the holiday season is that b...more

My Holiday Card List Is Too Long

Dear Mouthy Housewives,When exactly do you stop sending people holiday cards?I keep going through names of people I literally haven’t spoken to in years and wonder why the heck we still send each other cards?  But if I receive one from them, I think I have to reciprocate.  And those cards are expensive!  And then there are the new people.  I’ve started receiving some from my daughter's new preschool class, and I had no intention of sending any of them a card — but do I have to now?  This is out-of-control and exhausting!Signed,...more
We were up to 120 at one point; I have it down to just under 90 now. I still have people who ...more

 Read full post here: Help! I'm drowning in Christmas!...more

Childhood Christmas Nostalgia

As I was sipping a cup of Silk Road's "Spicy Mandarin" tea, I realized that my memories of Christmas past and dreams of Christmases present and future are inextricably linked to the scents and flavours of the holiday season. ...more