The Best Gifts Are Sometimes the Ones Where You Look the Stupidest

This is a baby picture of my dad, taken sometime in the late 1930’s and later appropriated by me, for a display of “Mom and Dad as Younger People” photos. Which I hung prominently in whatever apartment I lived in at the time. It was nice....more

Christmas Home Tour

We are finally done putting our decoration up and are very happy with our outcome! I wanted to give you a little tour of my winter wonderland. ...more

That Time I Did Not Advent Right

Chanukah and Christmas - When holidays are blended, they're lost

Like most kids, my sons, Jacob and Zachary, were captivated by Christmas lights. They marveled at dazzling colors and illuminated figures adorning our neighbors' front yards. The holidays truly are for kids; only a child could look up at 10-foot Homer Simpson/Santa Claus balloon - bright enough to be visible from the moon - and smile. However, mine were only beginning to understand the meaning behind such sights when Jacob asked, "Why don't we have lights on our house?"Without missing a beat, Zachary answered, "Because we're Jewish."Jacob wasn't satisfied....more

Christmas Wreath

 Christmas WreathDECEMBER 4, 2015 by MARY ALVAREZ filed under: CRAFTING AND DYI, FRONT CIRCLE RIGHT,&...more

A Christmas Birdhouse With A Living, Sparkling Succulent Roof

 Found objects – to me, they’re simply the best.  After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure....more

Butter Cookies with Candy Cane and Dark Chocolate

 These are buttery shortbread cookies. They are a super simple, basic cookie, but the decorating is where the magic is! Half of the batch were dipped in dark chocolate and the others had chocolate drizzled over, then both were sprinkled with candy cane pieces.INGREDIENTS...more