Say Yes to the Annual Christmas Letter!

Write a holiday letter. I know, I know, maybe it isn’t your thing. But this life is flying by so fast and a holiday letter will do two things (even if you don’t send it!) –...more

Elf on the Shelf Ideas (from a busy parent)

Love him or hate him, if you have small children and have adopted the Elf on the Shelf® tradition for your family you are likely beginning to run out of steam by now. Chances are you've been at it since Thanksgiving and are in the third week of making sure that the little red felt menace has moved since the day before. ...more

Holiday Rice Krispies Treats

It’s “Tips Tuesday”! So today I'm sharing an easy tutorial for you and the little ones to enjoy this holiday season. My children recently had a fun and festive Christmas party with a few of their friends. One of the desserts we served, that the kids and their parents absolutely loved, was rice krispies pops. Since I was busy getting the activities and other details for the party together, I knew I needed the dessert process to be quick and easy, and it was just that!...more

The Christmas Song

Channel 17. Channel 17 is the Sirius Christmas channel. I've been listening to it for five days straight. Granted I don't actually commute to work in my car. I live 10 minutes from work and I only go into the office three days a week. Still, the Christmas music channel is significant because in my youth I didn't much care for Christmas music unless it was somehow angst ridden, "Do You Know It's Christmas?" "Rebel Jesus," "Someday at Christmas." Yes that last one is from Stevie Wonder but angst ridden none-the-less....more

The Hope Within the Nativity: How Christmas Teaches Our Souls of their Worth

The first Christmas night, the most holy of nights. Classically captured by the nativity sets that fill the stores, and front of cards, and our homes. Have you ever looked at these sets with a critical eye?  For example, in our set, why is there one camel for three wise men?! Did they take turns?  Did they all pile on?  Which one had to sit in the space between humps? These are questions I ask....more

5 Creative Apps Writers Will Love

So you need to buy a gift for that special writer in your life (doesn't everyone have one?), but you know she already has all the common ones such as Editorial or Dictionary. What you really want to get her are apps that will support her craft and turn her into a better writer, but... well... you want something off the beaten path; things she may not have thought of before. Look no further than this gift guide. I've rounded up 5 apps you can gift to a writer as well as explain how they will help your friend hone her craft. (Feel free to buy these for yourself as well! Everyone needs a gift now and then.) ...more
kaseykakes Some are free. Or you can get the free version and try it before you get the paid ...more

I Am a Liar. And It's All Santa's Fault.

It can be stressful to have a seven-year-old at Christmastime. Why? Because there is questioning. A lot of questioning. You know, about that plump guy in the red suit....more

Palačinka with Apricots and Almonds (Czech crepes)

They say that scent holds the most memories. Now and then I am pulled back in my thoughts to a ski vacation I took with my family about 10/11 years ago. Simply because I smell brown coal. I don’t know if this is still the case, but in the village we visited, brown coal was used to heat about every home there. It wasn’t the most appealing smell but everytime I come in contact with that particular smell I feel happy and warm on the inside. Pure nostalgia. With this little piece of nostalgia comes a specific dish; Palačinka....more

Three Cheese Lasagna Specially Adapted For Christmas

This lasagna uses mainly ricotta cheese and chicken mushroom stuffing in place of the typical minced-beef-in-bolognese-sauce, which makes non-beef eaters like me very happy. It also comes with an additional topping of salami slices – flown all the way from Germany – to make for a perfect Christmas celebration....more

Chic Country Christmas

What’s up, girlfriends?  Today I’m linking up to Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk Link Party…  Have you heard of link parties?  They’re pretty intense.  Once you get locked in you can (and will) party ’til the break o’ dawn in your “yoga” pants, or robe, or… what-evs.  Do not say I didn’t warn you....more