Fun Christmas Globe Ornament

This is not only an ornament but an interactive Christmas ornament. The popping of the popcorn kernels happens right inside the glass ball ornament.  This is so much fun. My granddaughter was amazed how the popcorn kernels popped inside the glass globe.  Complete instructions on how this happens on my blog:...more

Middle School Christmas Miracle

William, my big baby boy, is growing up, even though he doesn't want to.  He'll be 13 in March, he's almost as tall as I am, he weighs 140 lbs., and he started middle school this year....more

The Microscope of Christmas

 Pastor said this morning that Christmas is a microscope.      It enlarges the pain of our past.The memories of past Christmases of loss and grief. A Christmas near the death of a loved one. A Christmas spent alone.The lens of the Christmas microscope zooms in to moments of loss or disappointment we have experienced.Sometimes that microscope will illumine during moments of current happiness....more

Have Yourself a Good Enough Christmas

So much about that night was imperfect. Having to be in Bethlehem at all, so far from home, because of the whim of the empirical power ruling the region.Finding no sympathy or shelter on arrival.A young woman caught up in miracles beyond her understanding, saying 'Yes' when most others would have turned their backs in fear.This was the first Christmas. ...more

Christmas in Space

As I write this, two astronauts of the six man crew on the International Space Station are outside the safety of their spacecraft, replacing a malfunctioning pump that’s part of the station’s cooling system. This is the real thing, in real time, not a Hollywood movie. The space station is traveling 17,227 miles per hour, completing over 15 orbits around the earth daily....more

Holiday Banana Pudding

In the middle of this summer I got the idea for Holiday Banana Pudding using Speculaas cookies instead of vanilla wafers. I waited for almost 6 months to finally make it.Speculaas cookies are one of my favorite cookies. They are thin and crunchy shortbread biscuits from Northern Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France), so fragrant and full of almonds and Christmas spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, and white pepper (similar to Black Pepper Cookies). Wooden stamp is used to decorate the cookies with images of windmill, elephant, mermaid etc....more

Christmas cookies

That's What I Use to Think by Karen Campos,

 We remember the birth of Jesus, the Christ.Christmas is originally about Jesus, right?Stories of old, prophecies throughout the Bible, giving witness to who Jesus really is....more