A Short, but Sincere Christmas Wish to all Mothers

May your day be filled with joy, peace, and long naps.May the tantrums be short and efficient.May the food go in mouths; not on walls, floors, and hair.May the travel be brief and uneventful.May the extended family be gracious, and judgment free.May the smiles be bountiful, the happiness contagious.May the “thank you’s” be aplenty, and not prompted....more

Two Christmas Napkin Ring Ideas

 The holiday season conjures up visions of good cheer, decorations, gift giving and eating, eating and more eating.  We all know that lots of Christmas activities center around the dining table so I want to share with you two Christmas napkin ring ideas which are both festive and easy to make....more

Five Gift Basket Ideas for Your Co-Workers This Holiday Season

 When it comes to your co-workers, you want to make sure you are buying thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank. Here are some great gift baskets to make for those people who work their tails off all year ’round....more

Christmas Tree Ideas!

Christmas Tree Ideas! Christmas Tree Ideas come from all sort of places!For instance; I was cruzin through Boerne, Texas the other day and I saw the cutest tree!  Brakes applied and whipped into the drive way, out of my car like a shot with phone camera on and ready…Then….drum roll please:...more

The Christmas List

When my husband and I were first married we lived far away from family and that first Christmas I still wanted to connect with all of our loved ones even though we couldn’t be together. So I decided to send out Christmas cards. Because Microsoft Outlook wasn’t available back then, I went out and purchased an inexpensive softcover address book and began adding names to my Christmas list....more

10 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Busy Moms!

This post is for anyone out there who is a busy Mom, is married to a busy Mom, or perhaps has a busy Mom. Which basically means- all of you! It's hard to come up with great stocking stuffer ideas for the woman in your life who manages to juggle the wants, needs, and schedules of every member of the family while simultaneously running the household and perhaps earning an income on the side! But I'll bet the busy Mom that you know and love could use some of these in her stocking this year!...more

Saffron Buns with Candy Cane Sugar

 I wasn’t sure if the two flavours would mesh, but they really do! They were a winner in our house, especially with the kids! However, if peppermint and saffron don’t quite do it for you, tossing them in sugar would make for an equally gorgeous little treat! ...more

Gingerbread Truffles

 These couldn’t be easier – only three ingredients (and the same amount of each!). They are made with gingerbread cookies so are the perfect festive treat to impress your friends with! ...more

20 Christmas gifts under $20

 For her: 1 | ...more