How to Keep Black Friday Spending Under Control

I did Black Friday one time. It was a year when we had Thanksgiving in Kansas City without my husband's family for the one and only time I think we've done that since we got married -- we were broke, broke, broke that year, too broke to take a car ride/cheap hotel Thanksgiving roadie, and I was willing to try anything to stretch my holiday dollars farther. I got some good deals, but I also threw up in my mouth a few times at people's behavior, so now I try to avoid Black Friday at all costs. However, I am not going to judge anyone who wants to do it. So let's talk about how to do it best! ...more

Holiday Musings


Holiday Gift Guide 2011

My Ring

My husband proposed to me in the bathtub, 10 years ago this December 27th, two days after hosting our entire family for Christmas in our tiny apartment.  And at exactly the moment when I was gearing myself up to have "The Talk"....more
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Thanksgiving: The Kinder, Gentler Holiday

And, now, as the holiday season is upon us, I would like to share with you my favorite of all holidays --- Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite, well above its most formidable competitor, Christmas.  Here, in no particular order, are my reasons why Thanksgiving is so much more rewarding, relaxing and, frankly, inspiring, than Christmas. First, let’s consider the shopping….. The only shopping hype for Thanksgiving is for food, one of life’s necessities.  No crowded mall, no megastore…....more

Working Retail at Christmas? You Can't Choose Your Customers, But You CAN Choose Your Attitude

Being on the front lines during the Christmas shopping season can be a stressful endeavor for even the jolliest of hearts....more

Holiday traditions part 1

We love holiday traditions, new and old! ...more
@neekswrite "And a very happy Friday to you, too, Monique, as you shop and prepare for ...more

Wordless Wednesday

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Wordless Wednesday   ...more

Homemade Christmas

Along with millions of other, Christmas will be a tad tight around our nest this year.  I've been digging through my craft supplies and recipes for ideas for gifts. I've given homemade gifts in the past and have always felt guilty about doing so.  I hate that I can't always afford the latest and greatest for my friends and family.  And I've also received my share of verbal smackdowns for feeling that way!! ...more