The Gift of Helping Others

     This week has been a crazy week, but honestly, when is my life not one crazy week after another?  Once again I have taken on way too much, even Atlas would struggle under the weight I carry. ...more

You Are Santa Claus. Do Your Job.


A Very Newlywed Christmas, Christmas, come this way. ...more

Christmas Photoshoot with the Babies :)

This is a precious post! Please read my blog to accept the Liebster Award: ...more

MeebleMail - Christmas Letters Made Easy

It is not only the time of year when we decorate the house, buy and wrap presents for everyone on our list, bake goodies, entertain friends and family and attend Christmas parties (I am exhausted already), but it is also the time to send out the obligatory Christmas card!...more

Season's Greetings 2011

    Season's Greetings 2011     I visited my favorite greenhouse this past weekend because they were having their annual Christmas Open House.  I wasn't disappointed with the things I found.  Not only do they offer refreshents for visitors, but this year there was a fifteen member Swing Band.  ...more
@KarenLynnn I have a red Christmas cactus and it's blooming. I have small ones, too, and one ...more

Santa's Mom/Santa's Dad

Merry Christmas to all! December is both such a short and a long month isn’t it? Short for adults who feel the hurried pressure to send the cards, get the perfect gifts, decorate the house, make the cookies, all with a bright smile and a joyful nature (ARGH!) And it is L-O-N-G for kids, who have been patiently waiting and feeling the holiday anticipation building since Halloween, when the stores all began their advertising campaigns....more

18 Days Left Of Advent: Remembering My First White Christmas

The coldest night I ever experienced was in New York City, standing outside the Rockefeller Center, admiring the large water fountain—an Atlas of bronze—and an enormously huge Christmas tree, all lit up and dazzling! A very windy night, it was, with a record-setting cold (I was told), and it made the whole experience of visiting New York, well, down-right frightening. I wanted to cry out to my husband and say, “Can we please go home now?” I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes or nose. Heck, I didn’t even know if I was breathing!...more
My husband said that he, too, waited for those days that it snowed so heavy they couldn't and ...more

Holiday Meltdown

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  Always has been. I love everything about it.  The tree, the decorations, the neighborhood in brightly colored lights, sending cards, the works.  I even love the shopping.  Just being at the mall, with Santa and the holiday music piped into every store makes my heart soar. At least it used to.  Right now my heart is fluttering wildly as I panic at all that I need to get done before St. Nick arrives....more

Santa in a Glass House....the Story......

Santa in a Glass House! I'm in a mood to decorate. It will be the second year in a row that I have had my tree up after many years without one- and the other day, I had this idea. I saw this large glass jar in my local antique shop, and it was really reasonable. So I bought it with the idea that I would make a terrarium of it eventually, but here locally, the plant selection for such a project is....well, basically non-existant....more