Of Advent…10 Days to Christmas & Received a 60-Day Notice to Move!

Tonight, while hubby and I were having dinner, the doorbell rang. It was our landlord’s representative, serving us papers that say we have 60 days to move out. My heart dropped to my stomach and my delicious food turned sour! And no, we haven’t done anything wrong. It is our misfortune to be renting. Sigh!...more
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The Wall

I've hit it.  Full force.  I overslept this morning, it's raining, and I feel like a slug.Christmas is rapidly approaching.  I still have a mountain of projects to complete, not to mention all the baking.  But it took me hours to even get to write this blog this morning, including having to reboot my router.  I'm just now eating breakfast and it's almost noon....more

12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me A parking space in front of the outlets.On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Two brand-new credit cards And a parking space in front of the outlets.On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Three visits to Santa because the pictures didn’t turn out Two brand-new credit cards And a parking space in front of the outlets....more

Making Our Own Christmas Memories/Traditions!

My husband bought a stuffed, singing dog from The Home Depot the other day for the boys. He really shouldn’t have, but I can see how he succumbed. It really is cute, and my three-year-old loves it. The dog wears a Santa cap and sits in a stocking. If you press one ear, he sings Jingle Bells. If you press the other, he sings Feliz Navidad. “What are we going to name him?” my husband asked my son. My son answered him very matter of factly: “His name is Feliz Navi-dog.” And thus, the dog was named....more


She was alive last Christmas.Her lips stained purple Hands cradled a glass. “Hey Sista!” she greeted Me. We embraced.She laughed. She was full. She had love. She had life. Yet untouched by cancer, She feared nothing then. Just another in a string of holidays, Like unbroken bulbs.Not the last.  --The Witty Biddyhttp://thewittybiddy.blogspot.com/...more

A Fantasy Wish List, of sorts

Hi everyone. This is Baby Boy. My mom is exhausted so I am letting her sleep while I hack into her computer. Your password is my birthday? Great security measure, Mom. I updated it to the geographical coordinates of Moscow, just because I can....more

Holiday Shopping Linkstravaganza

Christmas is only 11 days away. I'm one of those people who plans for Christmas all year round (making little notes when someone casually mentions something they'd love to have) but procrastinates when it comes to actually pulling the trigger... er, buying presents. Obviously no matter how much I'd like to get some people a bullet to the head (I should probably just stop writing now) I'm not shooting anyone for the holidays. So, now that things between you and me are as weird as they can get, let me share some of the places I like to shop around on the web for gifts! ...more

What is a Sugarplum, Anyway?

My daughter asked me this through a mouthful of Peak-Freans (after biting carefully around the edges to avoid the offending jam).  I stuffed her wooden Nutcracker back into my bag, and set her juice box down among the Alberta Ballet pins and Christmas glitter.  Dozens of princesses milled about, alighting briefly near tables – stopping a moment to do some colouring, build a mask, perfect a paper crown.  Their grownups did their best to keep track.  Indulging the girls' chatter and bottomless, breathless excitement....more
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Counting Down Advent…11 Days Left: A happy find; a forgotten note.

A note now considered priceless, long misplaced, was just this month of December 2011 discovered. It was written fifteen years ago this month. It was written to my son, and written by my father—a man, who only read the sports section of the paper, and the comics, and who’d much less write a note to anyone. At the time, my son was only thirteen years old....more
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Christmas Chaos

There is one room in my house that is solely mine.  It is my sewing room, my office, my craft room, my library, my workout room, and oh yeah...it also functions as the guest room!  With Christmas preparations in full swing, it has now become a wrapping station as well....more
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