Doodle Per Diem #10

The doodle of the today is Santa Claus! I hope that he brings me lots of sandwiches!...more

Leap of Faith

I originally started my blog out of a need for a creative outlet. Work had me tied in knots and I was desperately deprived of my self confidence and sanity. While it served this purpose, I have secretly hoped it would lead to some sort of financial success to the point that I could walk away from my job forever. I just had no idea how. Who is going to pay me to talk about me? ...more
I love your story. I actually took the leap and quit my job of 10 years with a Fortune 500 ...more

It's Time to Think About THIS Part of Christmas!!!

While I admit that I complained about people getting into the Christmas "spirit" earlier and earlier, I will admit that I have been doing a little Christmas planning of my own the past few weeks. If you have been reading my blog a while, you will remember that we had some mischievous visitors that came to stay with us from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Our Elf Magic Elves - Tinsel and Holly!!! ...more

Turkeys are getting screwed

  I love fall and the start of the holiday season.  Halloween is the bee’s knees.  Thanksgiving rocks my socks.  And Christmas is the icing on the cake!But I hate how Christmas is taking over.  I walked into the store a week before Halloween and I saw Christmas stuff ALREADY....more

Playsilk Shopper's Guide :: Part Two (Quality)

Last week, I began a series of informational posts to help parents and family shop for playsilks for the little ones in their lives. You can find the opening post HERE. This week, we'll take a look at quality. ...more

Gilad Shalit comes home!!

After five long years in a Palestinian prison, Gilad Shalit was released and flew home to his family today!! I have had Gilad's photograph on my refrigerator gallery, along with other people I love and cherish,since he was first captured. Our family has prayed for his protection and release relentlessly. This is a day of miraculously answered prayers!!...more

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Unique Gifts You Can Craft

It's hard to believe that Saturday is the first day of October. Not only that but it's bringing some much cooler temps along with it! We're dropping from the high 70s into the low 50s for a Saturday high. So of course it has me dying to pull out my fall wardrobe and get a head start on shopping for the holidays. If you're the crafty sort like me, I'm sure you've already started thinking - or maybe even making - things for your fellow friends and family for gifts and stocking stuffers....more

A Family Christmas Box

My sister Cher and I were brainstorming about Christmas gifts for our children and grandchildren. The truth is...the older we get, the more family we have! So, obviously, the list gets longer. We used to do "boxes" for our daughters. Placemats, cologne, candles....etc. Then, there were the granddchildren, sons or son in laws.We decided to do a "family" box.Here is our list, so far:candlesplacematscolognefamily games that they can all play togetherdishtowelsBath and Body handsoap for all bathroomsbags of candy...more

Bath and Body Stocking Stuffer Round Up - DIY Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers that Scream "You Will Be Pampered!"

I am generally stumped as to what to put in someone's stocking that isn't just candy and boring everyday toiletries. Not to mention, small but meaningful gifts are sometimes often hard to find since, in this case, size is an issue. What I do like to put into Christmas stockings however, are not just silly trinkets, but things that a person can use and get enjoyment from. So I always LOVE to include bath and body and spa themed products as part of the stuffing for Christmas stockings....more
I love these ideas! Now you have me thinking about Christmas!more

Needed: A Fancy, Legit Christmas Registry

How convenient would it be? Every year, go online and plug in what your family is wishing for in the coming holiday season. Amazon, Target? Where are you? Maybe it already exists....more
@victorias_view nah-just griping. LOL!more