Make Holiday Shopping Merry and Easy With These 5 Apps

It's almost time to put the phone in elf mode and get ready for the holiday shopping season. Here are five apps for managing the holidays from the palm of your hand, starting on Friday. ...more

5 Must Buy Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Last year, I wrote the post, Holiday Gift Guide for Him and I discussed general gift ideas for the men in your life.This year, I’m going into specifics. There are some fantastic gifts out there for those men who have it all and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you....more

First Day of School - My Epic Fail

Christmas Comes Creeping

It’s that time of year again – the time when we all bitch about Christmas Creepage. You know – how Christmas decorations and other fol-de-rol appear earlier every year, so that now they practically impinge on Halloween.You get no sympathy from me. Here’s why....more

28 New Ideas for Elf on the Shelf + A Free Calendar & Printables

I'm SO excited for the holiday season! Thanksgiving is almost here, but I just couldn't wait to put out my Christmas decorations last night - don't judge. Is it just me, or do stores not sell timeless, quality Thanksgiving decor anymore? I want to decorate for Thanksgiving, but I can't seem to find nice things. I've found table runners that I love, but they're never long enough and I can't sew a custom one on my own. ...more

Under The Mistletoe Collection: Christmas Romance Review

(This post contains affiliate links)...more


I’m so, so excited to announce the next giveaway on the blog!! These adorable Christmas tags are perfect for your homemade Christmas baking gifts (or DIY gifts) this season!  You can win this Christmas Tidings Stamp, Ink Pad and Tags for FREE!! See below how you can enter to win!...more

Tis Not Yet The Season?

It is Monday, November 16th, and our neighbors two doors down have decked the halls. Well, honestly I don't know for sure if their halls have been decked, as I haven't been inside, but the outside of their house indubitably has been. As of this afternoon, more than a week before Thanksgiving, their eaves and their fences are lined with sparkly bluish-white LEDs. Not the most attractive of lights, in my opinion, as LEDs don't give off the warm glow of incandescents and tend to look a bit dreary and cold, but still much prettier than the rest of this dark and lifeless neighborhood....more
Houseful Of Nicholes, I hadn't even thought of that! Good point!more

V is for victory. And Vitamix.

Out of respect for people like my mom and Mr. T–folks who love Thanksgiving (mom) and/or want one holiday at a time thankyouverymuch (T)–I contain my Christmas crazy until Black Friday. Usually.Today, however, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas because I WON THE CHRISTMAS TREE WAGER....more

10 Tips For Finishing Your Christmas Shopping Early

Don’t hate me, but I am DONE with Christmas shopping. Okay, I need to confer with a SIL about a present for the young niece and nephew, but that is easy-peasy. ...more
RosemaryW I think Facebook Feed has been pretty valuable. I've seen what my nephew *liked* which ...more