Be Good to Others This Holiday Season

It's here. Christmas season has kicked off and we're just about to blast off. I wanted to take a break from our regularly scheduled egg nog, turkey, family movies, Christmas carols, candy canes, snowman, hot cocoa and all of the other wonderful things about this time of the year, to encourage all of us to be aware, to show empathy, and to be kind to the people around us....more

Give Yourself This One Life-Changing Gift For The Holidays

Oh, the love/hate relationship we have with the holidays! The twinkly white lights, get-togethers, and the smell of fresh pine in our homes — all joyous. But there's also the pressure to be happy, to give the right gifts, and to uphold traditions — even if you might not feel like it. Sometimes the joys and pressures are at such odds, you start to feel a little crazy. There’s a difference between the white-bearded man who dresses up as Santa and the white-bearded man who thinks he really is Santa....more

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies are very delicious and irresistible cookies flavored with ginger and molasses, a perfect way to enjoy holiday and Christmas....more

The "Old School" Christmas Card Challenge

Christmas cards have changed a lot in my lifetime.  At some point, the traditional Christmas card became more rare than the "family photo" holiday card.  For a person who spent some lonely years in her twenties, then struggled with infertility in her thirties, the family photo Christmas card was a dream for much longer than it was an option. ...more

My Kids Know I’m Santa, and I’m Okay With That

The one thing I thought I had a chance at getting this Christmas was for my kids to believe in all of the magical elements of the holiday for one more year. Santa Claus. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The Elf of the Shelf. But, since kids sometimes have a way of doing the very opposite of what we want, that wish is now the one thing I know I won’t be receiving. And, much to my surprise, I am okay with that. ...more

christmas cheer--blogger style

I know Christmas is not at all about kind of is.Don't act like you don't get excited when you buy something secret for someone special....more

Christmas Fruit and Nut Cake

Christmas Fruit and Nut Cake is a super delicious cake, loaded with dry fruits and nuts that will be loved by people of all age groups....more

My Partner Cheated on Me Last Christmas and I Wrote a Book About Betrayal

My Partner Cheated on Me Last Christmas and I wrote a book, The Soul's Missing Manual ...more

Why I Want My Kids to Believe in Santa

For the past couple of years, my husband and I have wrestled with our presentation of Santa Claus to our young daughters.We have watched well-meaning Christian friends decide to forgo the tradition altogether.  We have hesitated to follow suit because we cherish our childhood memories of St. Nick but we are careful not to use Santa to control our children’s behavior....more