Counting Down the Advent…24 Days to Go!

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….” On this last day of November, a delightfully sunny and chilly and rather windy Wednesday morning, as it’d originally began—unlike yesterday’s very foggy and gray early hours—I click-away on my keyboard while gazing out my bedroom window. Mindlessly I give in to daydreaming, and I remember Christmases from long ago—no doubt because of the festive season now upon us. So I begin to write; I promptly type-away to secure my memories....more
Thank you, Elaine, and it is nice to be back! :) @elaineR.N.more

Don't even try to bring me down.


Christmas - The Rebirth of You

Ahhh Christmas. Dontcha just love it? The excitement, the impending food explosion and the imbibing of mulled wine and baby Guinnesses. At the time of writing this there are only a few short weeks to go and the smell of freshly boiled puddings hangs deliciously in the air here at home. It whets the appetite for the savage gorging which lies ahead. Of all the times in the year, Christmas should be, and in fact is, the one time when you should let loose the shackles of weight-watching and just let rip. ...more

Creepy elves

Anyone have an elf on the shelf? We have one that just moved into our house. Am I the only one who thinks they're creepy looking? Drop by my blog to hear about our adventures with Elrod the Elf.

These Are A "Few Of My Favorite (Christmas) Things"...

I just LOVE Christmas and EVERYTHING about it.  Well, I will take that back.  I do NOT like the over commercialization of the holiday.  I believe that people put WAY too much emphasis on "things".  Instead, this should be a time of reflection and good cheer and making memories with family and friends.  I always look forward to taking out all of the Christmas decorations that I have collected over the years; some date back to Robby and my first Christmas together.  One thing that I have come to collect over the years that can be considered one of my "FAVORITE TH...more

They Can't Take Santa

I love my children. They are absolutely unbreakable and strong in spirit and it is SO inspiring. Today my 8 and 9 yr old found out from the other kids in school (and a teacher!) that Santa Claus isn't real. Totally heartbreaking, because I was determined to let them ride that train for a very long time. But with confirmation from a teacher, they weren't buying anything I was trying to sell them. My youngest had fallen asleep already, so luckily his dreams were still intact. So finally, we had the talk....more

First Things First

The Christmas season is upon us, the time of year we envision evenings by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and singing Christmas carols with family and friends gathered ‘round. But reality is often light years away from the serene scene. Even though I start December with every intention of focusing on the reason for the season, by the middle of the month I’m flying through stores, desperately trying to remember everyone on my list. Heck, I’m desperately trying to find my list....more

Christmas drives me insane

I have never been shopping on Black Friday, and don’t plan on changing that. I’m not a fan of the crowds and to be honest, Christmas drives me in insane anyway. People spend so much money on Christmas! And that’s fine if you have a lot of money to spend on it …. I usually do not.Plus, there’s an upside to being an adult with a job: If I want something, I usually buy it. When Christmas comes around and I am asked what I’d like for Christmas I usually don’t even know what to say....more

How Not to Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

When my husband decided that this would be the year we'd cut down our own Christmas tree I was skeptical. I didn't doubt his lumberjack skills or his ability to wield a bow saw. What concerned me were the thirty miles between our house and the Christmas Tree Farm....more

Christmas Giveaway for Moms!