The Annual Christmas Letter

To write or not to write! The annual, end-of-year, sum it all up, this is how we are doing, letter. You throw it in with the Christmas card or it's a Christmas card unto itself. I've seen many versions and have written many types myself.  I like them as I get caught up from people I haven't seen in awhile. You know, girlfriends from college, friends who have moved, relatives who live faraway and even friends who live in the same town you are too busy to see!  We have friends who are so busy with their children that they send out a Valentine Day letters and one sent out a Christmas in July family letter!...more

We should look for a website that does something creative with those old cards. We have an ...more

The downside of Christmas

I am truely upest and ashamed of my fellow Christians.  I realize that Christmas is an important time for many, especialy Christians who are celebrating the birth of  their savior Jesus Christ.  He is my savior as well, but you won't find me shopping on black friday.  Every year there is some horror story about a holiday shopper being trampled at a walmart or similar store, because people were so anxious to get inside to get the good deals for Christmas.  No one stops to help this poor person.  No one takes their hand.  No one shouts out STOP and help this...more

Green Gifts Don't Have to Suck: Green Holiday Gift Guide

Because there are ways to opt out of the madness and still enjoy the season. And gift giving can be a beautiful thing when you remove all the ulterior motives behind gift choices and concentrate on the happiness of all involved. With that in mind, here are my top ten guidelines for happily green gift giving. ...more

we focused on green alternatives for children's gift exchanges. Trying to think outside the ...more

My Christmas Ornaments

This is one of the Christmas ornaments I made to sell on Etsy. She is handmade by me! Come visit my small shop~Filo Dea.  ...more

Eating Tips During the Holiday Seaon

This is an exciting time of year for everyone. Halloween is not so far behind us, Thanksgiving is coming up, soon the Christmas/Holiday parties will start to roll in and before we know it, it’ll be New Year’s Eve!...more

Kicking Off Christmas Crazy: My Parents Inadvertently Stole a Cabbage Patch Kid

Part of me understood why my parents hadn't rushed out to buy one. I knew money was tight. Why else would we be living in a run-down trailer where rent was less than what some people spend on groceries in a week? I understood that there were medical bills to pay, that scraping by meant sacrifice, and that a doll was the last thing our pennies should be spent on. But I was still devastated. ...more

Paying off all the layaways on Christmas Eve would seriously be the most amazing thing in the ...more

Giving Thanks

I've been spending that last few evenings cruising the blogosphere to find topics of interest, and guess what... They are ALL about Thanksgiving, Christmas, crafts and shopping. I guess I'm feeling a little uninspired. I haven't done crafts in a very long time. Not since space aliens took over my life, er, no, I guess that would actually be the kids. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday and I firmly believe that there is no bargain worth risking my life....more

When You Dread the Holidays

This week begins a long ramp of dread for many folks -- starting on Thanksgiving and ending on January 2nd. If you have experienced loss, or great disappointment -- the Holiday Season can feel like a time to survive, not one to enjoy. The added press of commercialism in tough economic times, or relatives who seem determined to be difficult can just add insult to injury. ...more

You are so right that it can get may never be simple, but the worst of the loss can ...more

Real Tree or Fake Tree? The Debate Rages on...

Today I did something I swore I would never do: I bought a fake Christmas tree, a fake. ...more

I didn't know that they planted 3 trees for everyone cut down--thanks for the info. You're ...more

Poor Santa

The 2nd of several posts about poor Santa the rest is at under Dec 2009 ...more