Frugal Gift Ideas

Here are a few frugal gift ideas.  It is possible to share Christmas joy without breaking the bank!!1.  Gourmet coffee with a cute coffee mug2.  A journal with a personal inscription from you inside the front cover, add a fancy pen.3.  A pretty teacup with a variety of teas4.  Homemade mixes in a pretty jar5.  Basket filled with sewing or craft supplies6.  Cloth napkins with seasonal napkin rings7.  Gardening gloves with a variety of seed packets8.  Bath puff and guest soaps...more
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The Ghost of my Christmas Past

Everyone has a ghost, either from a relationship, a loved one, an embarrassing moment (like saying the baby looks a lot like him but he is not the father, he is a close friend) or you just simply have a ghost right below your bed. Mine pretty much looked like this:...more

16 Days of Advent & JESUS Is My Reason for Celebrating Christmas

The “holidays” mean something different to everyone, but mostly it is a time when family gathers. For me, a Christian, it is my time to celebrate God’s gift, His Son, Jesus Christ. I have many times over the years tried to imagine what it must have been like for the three Wiseman. Having traveled so very far because they believed that a Savior had been born. What that moment must that have been like for them? To set foot in that humble setting of a manger, and realize in their full hearts that this was the Jesus they sought, the One promised would come....more
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Welcome to the month when folly meets faith, and the impossible becomes reality.“It is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.”  —Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol.December—though for most of us it begins in winter’s fierceness—also holds within it all the promises of home and hearth, of rosy fires and brightened spirits....more

Beautiful Christmas Table Settings

Really beautiful and unique table settings are here with lovely pictures to inspire you this holiday....more
I like the silver ones... which is why it always amuses me that our formal stuff has gold edging. ;)more

I choose Santa

Santa image courtesty of bjmcdonald on FlickrI  Do you believe?...more
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Button Trees :: Christmas Craft for the Kids

Buttons are all the rage right now (if Pinterest hasn't lead me astray). And we are in search of fun, attractive and affordable kid-friendly Christmas crafts for giving to family and friends. I have been mulling over two crafts: {{THIS}} button wreath by Martha Stewart and {{THIS}} sweet felt tree. ...more

The Family Tree (Skirt)

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home This is another Christmas idea I got years ago, and again I quote Family Fun as my maybe source.It is our tree skirt for our Christmas tree.I don't have the instructions for it, but it was pretty easy no-sew project. You just cut out a tree skirt shape out of any heavy fabric you like (I used a green velvety-type). It's basically a great big donut with a slit cut from edge to center....more

Counting Down Advent…17 Days Left: My Christmas Ode to Food!

With Christmas Day drawing nigh, I feel moved to share my “Heart’s Poetry,” poems and haikus inspired by my great love of food. These are poems I have used in my posted articles on This has now become my “style” in which I express my great love of cooking!For Love of Garlic“I dream of garlic day and night, I drool for garlic near to die, Would I to find a living, breathing Garlic Rose, In a heartbeat I’d up and marry,...more
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