Deck the halls.

Handmade holiday products for making your table merry. 1....more

Shopping List for our Easy and Succulent Thanksgiving Menu

Now that we have provided the easiest and most succulent Thanksgiving menu…...more

Wow your Holiday Hostess with these great Hostess Gifts!

While I know things are tight, your choice of a gift for your holiday host or hostess speaks volumes about you and can be the key to creating a lasting impression with them.  I once had a regular house guest, who would constantly come with a cooler full of food for herself.  At the end of each visit,  she would actually pack her half full milk and other leftovers back into her cooler and take it home!  This is definitely not a good house guest look.  Other guests have turned up completely empty handed!   Still others tend towards the ordinary — a b...more

Holiday Gift Guide: Do Tell Games

On Christmas Day at our house, we have a big birthday party for Jesus all day long.  We play games and have party foods. I know we'll enjoy playing the Do Tell Family Game that I reviewed earlier in the month (Do Tell Family Game Review) with everybody. Do Tell has another game, their Do Tell Original Version....more

No more holiday guilt! Simplifying the Silly Season.

One harried late-October evening, I rushed through a store’s costume section in a frenzy of last-minute preparations. To my horror, the reds and greens of Christmas cards and wrapping paper beckoned from a nearby aisle. “Oh, spare me,” I said aloud. “I haven’t finished feeling guilty about Halloween yet.”...more

Holiday Survival Guide for When Life is Craptastic

And that Thanksgiving story is precisely what makes us feel like shit when we come to our own Thanksgiving table feeling less than stellar when our life is craptastic. As kids, we're told this sanitized version of events because can you imagine your kindergarten teacher telling you the truth? That out of the 103 pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower, only 53 were alive for that meal? And only 4 of them were women, so good luck with that re-population effort, my friends. ...more
Love your honesty, warmth, down-to-earth realness in the midst of hardship - and especially, ...more

A New Kind of Christmas

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas.

Ten Creative ways to wrap your Christmas gifts for the holidays....more

Gift Idea: Creative Family Traditions

 Creative Family Traditions & Ideas: A Guide to Growing Future Memories...My ReviewYou'll know from previous posts, especially the Christmas Series and Birthday Ideas posts, that we enjoy creating fun family traditions at our house.  So I am thrilled that I have the chance to review this great book about family traditions. ...more

Unique DIY Christmas Gifts

Make your Christmas merry with a touch of handmade! Following are ten remarkable Christmas gifts that you can craft yourself! Credit: Jonas N...more