Reverse Advent Calendar: Building a tradition, one day at a time. Day 5

Today's piece of the story centers around Joseph's dream, and the angel's telling of what Mary's child will do for mankind....more

Questions to Ask Yourself when Buying Presents for Your Kids

Stop! Put that back on the shelf. Click it out of your Amazon cart. Now, think. Gifts are great, but they soon turn from presents to pasts, so make sure that thing you are buying is going to last (and not drive you insane). These are important questions. Ask them before you make that purchase. ...more
WONDERFUL post! Let's forward it to all our grandmas, aunts & uncles, friends etc. I'm very ...more

Christmas can now come....

 When I was about 10 years old my Aunt Jana decided to have a party....inviting my sisters, myself, and my cousin Basil.  She wasn't married yet and had becom...more

A Mom's Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa: I write this letter to you using my son's pencil... on the back of this bill statement while I do laundry. I have been a good mother during this past year. I have fed, kept clean, and taken care of my kids accordingly. I have seen my kid's doctor more than I have seen mine. I have sold cookies and any other bullshit thing to raise money for my kids' school activities. Santa, I have never requested anything for myself after the age of ten, but I thought that perhaps this year could be an exception. As far as this piece of paper lets me write my wishlist down, I'll write down my requests:...more
LOL!! I love this! Now give back the pencil, Mom...more

DIY: Holiday Decor
those are really cute christmas balls, i'd love to try it with different colorsmore

Christmas 2011 - The Decorating

Christmas 2011 has begun and yesterday I was successful in tossing a bit of the holiday decor around our house....more

Advent…19 Days: & Surrendering my Kitchen on Christmas Eve for Tortilla Soup!

This Christmas Eve I am sidestepping as hostess in my kitchen and moving over to give my oldest daughter the honors of putting together her now very famous Tortilla Soup! Being the good sport that I am, I will graciously surrender my kitchen and temporarily relinquish my right as Head Chef in my home, for one night only. Mmuahhhhhh! It’s my kitchen and I’ll cry if I want to. But I will make dessert, and no-one is going to stop me. So there!...more
There are some really good Tortilla soups out there, and some really bad ones too. Hopefully ...more

Needful Things

In a conversation over several glasses of red, back when both wine and wisdom were very new to me, I told a friend that if we all looked after our own families, there would be no need for charity.  As though an individual's poverty were a function of a tight-fisted relative spending money on pretty sparkly things while her loved-ones went hungry.  I didn't understand the political helplessness associated with the poverty mentality.  To be honest, I didn't understand much.  And having never experienced anything resembling wealth, the sense of entitlement that com...more
Good luck to you, Desi! @DesiValentine4more

Holiday biscotti

Christmas is upon us.  I pulled out the decorations from the garage and got into the holiday spirit.  I decorated the tree, hung the doggie's stockings, and baked up a batch of holiday biscotti.  With green pistachios and red cranberries, these cookies quickly got me in a festive mood!...more