Dreaming of a puppy Christmas


Gift of Sarcasm

 We took the girls Christmas shopping for one another the other day. Kallan had $20.00 to spend on her sister.  Nine-year-old Kallan loves to buy gifts for people, and she likes to get it right.  She scoured the mall for bargains and ended up buying:...more

Hey, it's you and you're on Blogher! We are really moving up in the world. I mean you. You ...more

Twas the night before Influenza

'Twas the evening of Christmas, and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, except for Dawn Rouse; The stockings were empty,the gifts all unwrapped, The cookies were eaten, I had not yet napped; ...more

It was a kind of perfect storm - she developed real infuenza that night - the week long kind, I ...more

An AskPatty Automotive Advice for Women Christmas Tale

'Twas the night before Christmas, and at the North PoleOld Santa was pacing a path through the snowOn his rosy cheeks he now wore a frown;His new fancy sleigh had just broken down.It had heating and air, GPS, leather seats,and a 200 Reindeer-Power Five Speed.All the bells and the whistles Father Christmas could use,But tonight it just sputtered and coughed and refused.He'd checked all his fluids, and all was in order,He'd just had it serviced by elves at the border!But now he just sat, bewildered, and scoffed"It's no use," he thought, "this Christmas is off!"...more

Ultimate Holiday Cookbook Gift Guide 2010

Before we get started, have you ever stopped to think about what makes a really good gift? Something relatively unique that you don’t necessarily find in every big-box store. Something that will make people smile -- that will indulge the senses or the imagination or the mind. I think you’ll find one or all of those things here. Happy gifting! ...more

Pet Anxiety at Christmas

Pets can get so much anxiety at Christmas. Plan ahead and remember to put yourself in their place each day. Alot of company can make them anxious and nervous and it can really cause anxiety if you don't plan a place for them to escape.  Kids running around and poking and pulling at them can actually cause them to bite in defense. Nip it in the bud before it happens. Plan, Plan, Plan....more

Traditions - Do families even have them anymore?

It's the holidays again and regardless your religious practices or beliefs, traditions are what give commonality to a family gathering.  Sometimes traditions might be all they share in life anymore. It is still very important to do if you have gotten away from it. What traditions do you participate in? Are there traditions you remember but don't follow anymore? Let's talk about it. ~Pam ...more

The leap of faith & and the narrative of the other at Christmas

Cross-posted from http://sotah.net/ As I near Christmas, I am reminded of attending of Jewish elementary School where Christmas was not a day off. There were no school buses, so our parents drove us to school instead. At NCSY, an orthodox Jewish youth group, we read Permission to Receive, which outlined why Judaism is the only credible religion and everyone else's narrative is utterly unbelievable. Even after shedding layers of my education, this layer is left behind. ...more

Grandparents, and Holiday Madness

It is very hard to resist buying everything you see for your baby's first holiday! Once your little bundle turns 5 and your house is bursting with legos or doll clothes, and never played with toys, you no longer have that urge to 'pick up just one more thing' - that's what Grandparents are for. Those very same Grandparents are probably the ones who continued the toy gluttony that got you into this mess, literally! Raising the Grandparents takes the same skill set as raising your munchkin - patience and consistency. ...more

Naughty George living the high life

Now I understand why dogs aren't extinct. That joint venture with humans really paid off. P.S That black blob in front of the fire is Naughty George in case you were wondering.Annie (Lady M) x...more

I just made your line my quote on FB...Gave you full credit, however.

francesca maggi ...more