Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holidays!

Stuff those stockings with handmade goodies this year and gift a smile! Here a few unique products that will fit neatly into a Christmas stocking....more

QuickByte Fridays--Colorado Country Christmas

Okay, I know this post won't apply to all of you, but I wanted to feature a fun way to kick-off the holiday shopping season by featuring a post from a local blogging friend, Angie at Garza Clan, for Colorado Country Christmas. What better way to get into the spirit than by hitting this massive shopping extravaganza! And, what a great trial run for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are just around the corner. Feel left out?...more

Christmas Crafts - Winter Village

Years and years ago, my good friend Karen and I had a great idea after I showed her  my Martha Stewart Christmas magazine. We would craft and cut and glue and sparkle and make cute little Christmas towns. We did this for hours, both happily wrapped up in Christmas, and we probably had Bing Crosby’s White Christmas cranked (Or possibly Alvin & The Chipmunks) along with half a dozen rye and cokes steaming mugs of cocoa. And maybe some chips and dip....more

Decorating your tree for the holidays.

Skip the store bought ornaments this year and make your tree both special and unique with a selection of handmade Christmas ornaments!...more

A Christmas Poll

I have a Christmas gift poll going on on my blog. I'd LOVE lots of input! Thank you so much!...more

I think that homemade gifts are full of WIN as long as they geared toward the person that is ...more

Who put the Ma in Glamazon? Not me!

It’s late at night and I’m doing double duty as usual, the multi-tasker that I am.  I’m in the shower bathing myself while also scrubbing the tub clean.  Fun?  Not.  But hey, someone has to do it.    It’s as I step out of the shower and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror that I literally do a double take.  I don’t recognize myself.  Who is this overweight, pudgy, middle-aged woman staring back at me?  A nightmare perhaps?  I wish.  I was screaming (inside my head) but now, this is my new reality.   ...more

Making Christmas Gifts With Pictures

Finding suitable Christmas gifts for all of our family members is always a challenge. A few years ago my husband and I decided to try putting together calendars and albums with pictures of the boys to give as gifts to the grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was a success, and now it is our staple gift every year for family. Now that the boys are a little older we involve them in the picture projects with us....more

Holiday Gift Suggestions (for the 2 - 4 year old crowd)

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you're like want to get your shopping done sooner rather than later. Add to that my daughter's first birthday is five days before X-mas. Double whammy! So what to get? Well suffice to say this post is targeted specifically to the two to four year old crowd. Sorry! I'll do another post, as I continue to do my shopping that is specific for the 1 year old and under group....more

Holiday gift ideas for her!

A few lovely and romantic handmade finds that are perfect for gift giving this holiday season. These exquisite gift ideas are sure to satisfy the woman in your life! ...more

Send it in a letter.

Just because you can send a letter or invitation electronically nowadays doesn't mean you have to send it that way. A simple way to acknowledge and share the artistic endeavors of others is to send a handmade card or invitation....more