Mamaw's Christmas Shopping List, Unplugged

I am the grandma (aka “Mamaw”) of 5 grandchildren.  Of course, they are the most brilliant, talented, and good-looking children on the planet.  5 boys – ages 9 months to 6 years. ...more
Nanny of 7 agrees !more

Before You Shop for the 12 Days of Christmas, Check the Cost for 7 Swans, 8 Maids and 10 Lords

Can you imagine if your True Love really DID shop for the items in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" carol? Aside from the fact that there's no way everything would fit in the car and wrapping would be a nightmare, there's the cost of it all....more

If I had a totally commercial Christmas (and any money)

I would buy myself these things:My Christmas wish infographLaine blogs and podcasts...more
I need those boots! They are from Old Navy, and they are having a buy one get one 75% off sale. ...more

You Don't Have To Shop 'Till You Drop. Tips To Survive Your Holiday Shopping

Every year I vow to do all my shopping online. Just like promising the dentist that I really will floss, I completely fail to do it. He's stopped giving me free floss now....more

Christmas-y Craftsy Stuff

I have been working on The Tree.  Knowing me, I will be adding and subtracting stuff right up until Christmas Eve.  After all, The Tree must be perfect.Okay, I lie.  I will fiddle with it, but not because I am OCD.  Nope, it's because my children will NOT leave The Tree alone.  Ever.I am about to post an obscene amount of photos of said tree.  Why?  Because the ornaments adorning it are in a fight for their very lives.  Might as well record them now for the history books....more

Gift Guide - For Her

It is that time of year when we bring you our annual Holiday Gift Guide Series to help you uncover unique, meaningful and simply succulent finds for your gift recipients. Predictably, we will commence with the Gift Guide For Her(one of our favorites) and continue with nine more specialty gift guides this season....more

Cyber Monday Links to day's column "Hott Flashes" on Moms of Faith!  Thanks for reading!...more

"I remember when..." the days of Christmas before plastic trees!!!

 It really freaks me out when I talk about things from my past and I catch myself saying things like... "I remember when"...or "When I was a kid, we used to..." these phrases suggest one of two things; either, 1)my life used to be wayyyy more cool and fun, or 2)I am getting old. and ummm...your not allowed to guess which one it is!! I had one of those moments today when I was decorating our Christmas tree with my see, we weren't just putting it up, we were (and I'm embarrassed to say) assembling it by number....more

I'm Starved!!

I'm starved!!  Time starved that is.  As Christmas rapidly approaches, I feel the yearly panic set in of too much to do and too little time.Did they change the date of Christmas?  No...same time every year.  And every year I seem to lose time and it's here before I know it.  It's my own fault and at my age I should and do know better.  There are numerous projects I could have started months ago and didn't.  Now, they'll be crammed in to an already busy day or shelved for the year altogether....more