3 Reasons We're Not Buying Our Daughter Lots Of Christmas Gifts

I love being a mommy. It's really the most fulfilling job that I have had the pleasure to have. If I could, I would give her everything in the world. ...more
Yes she's one, but we also hope to continue this as she gets older, so she will understand even ...more

10 Christmas blog post ideas

Dear friends! And bloggers. I prepared a list of topics you can write about if you have a writer's block. If so, go to a special place (and that could be also your IKEA desk you love so much), make yourself a cup of coffee or maybe a Christmas tee (you can make it yourself: mix some hibiscus, raisins, apple, papaya, orange peel, coconut and cinnamon, pour over hot water and enjoy). Listen to some Christmas songs (I love Baby it's cold outside) and start writing:...more

One For The Road

This was a common saying back in the day. People would be trying to leave a party, but no, “come on, one more for the road.” People would stay, there weren’t the drinking and driving laws there are today, people were driving half tanked all the time!There is a drunk driving commercial circulating, I didn’t watch it, but I’ve enclosed the link. I don’t need to watch it, I don’t want to watch it....more

Tween & Big Kid Party Ideas

Christmastime is here! Are you going to or having any parties? Adults love to celebrate with a bit of yuletide cheer....more

A Cute Rhyme Takes the Guesswork Out of Gift-Giving

I don't know about you, but I am woefully behind on my Christmas shopping. See, there's this thing called Life, and right now it really seems to have an issue with letting me wander aimlessly down the aisles of Toys 'R' Us, looking for things least likely to end up being donated next year during our annual pre-Christmas toy purge....more

A Very Grinchy Cookie

Funny story about these cookies. I really wanted to put a red heart in the middle to be like the Grinches little heart (you know the one that grew 3 sizes) but I could not find red hearts anywhere! So I used red food dye to dye some white ones hehe, I was very committed to this bit.The cookies themselves are basically a red velvet cookie, or a green velvet…….. Grincy velvet? Whatever you want to call them they are tasty, just don’t eat them all in one sitting or your tummy may grow 3 sizes, or do, it’s probably worth it....more

Christmas Confessions: I am an Axe Murderer

I have a confession. I am an accessory to a brutal axe murder.  On more than one occasion.  And I've involved my whole family - including the children and the dog - in my transgressions.  That's right.  Just yesterday, the family and I went out into a wooded area with a large saw and a tarp.  And we butchered an innocent living being that had never done us any harm. My family’s Christmas traditions have usually included a healthy dose of plastic.  Up until my husband entered the picture, I’d never had a real tree.  And truly – I was OK with that.  In addition to the fact that I’m allergic to just about every tree on the planet, I have a healthy respect for nature and felt like killing a real tree to watch it slowly die was against my nature. ...more

Elsa and Anna’s 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

If you have kids or grandkids, then you’ve probably seen Frozen.If you have young  kids or grandkids, in particular, then you’ve probably seen Frozen no less than 3,281 times....more

Easy holiday appetizer: Antipasto skewers with salami, olives and mozzarella

If there’s one thing I dig about the holiday season, it’s…wait for it…appetizers! You thought I was going to say gifts, didn’t you? Well I suppose those are pretty great, too. But back to the food!...more