Chanuka VI: Boxing Day

In Canada, Boxing Day is the big sale day. Which basically means "great" deals and a lot of crowded malls and pushing and shoving. In other words, not my scene. My mom and my sis are big shoppers. They can spot a deal a mile away and "shop till they drop". Me, I'd rather be sitting in a quiet corner of the bookstore with a coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. I hate crowds, I hate shopping, it's just not for me. ...more

For Chanukah: The Kabbalah of Candle Light

The story of Chanukah revolves around two main points:  The success of a small Jewish army over a large Assyrian one in a fight for religious freedom or, maybe more accurately, against assimilation and the miracle of the sole jar of oil found in the temple that burned not for one day in as expected but for eight during the rededication of the Jewish Temple, which was defiled by the Assyrians. ...more

Christmas Proves a Relaxing, Peaceful, Shabbat-Like Day for This Jew

Yesterday was Christmas Day, but at our home, it felt a lot like Shabbat. Actually, it felt more like Shabbat than most Saturdays. ...more

Chanukah IV: And Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Today it feels as though we've turned a corner. I woke up with my voice (mostly) intact for the first time in days, Peanut seems to be on the mend as well (a bit of a nagging cough, but ...more

Difficulty Coping With Family During The Holidays? JOIN THE CLUB

My most memorable family-related Christmas disaster came courtesy of my mother-in-law, the very first year that my husband and I were married. She flew across the country to spend the holidays with us, and then proceeded to spend the entirety of her stay reminding me that I was in no way caring for my husband adequately. The nadir of whole experience came Christmas Day, after I had spent the day slaving over a turkey dinner. I had set the table, put out the food, poured champagne into everyone’s glasses and invited my mother-in-law to toast the meal. Which she did. ...more

Oh, mothers in law! Did I mention that I live 1000 feet from mine. Kinda wish I lived in ...more

Chanukah III: The One With the Toy FAIL

Tonight we lit the third candle.After our songs and dinner, Peanut got to pick out a present for tonight. I was so excited when she picked this one. It had everything that she loved. Stuff that she can build, check. Favourite characters, check. Cool box (yeah, sometimes it's all about the box), check. ...more

A Jewish kid during x-mas


Thanks all for the valuable comments and insights, I'm back in San Francisco after spending ...more

Chanukah II

I probably should not have gone out at all since I'm still sick. However, I just couldn't take one more day inside. I needed a change of scenery. A friend came over (thank you N!) and helped me take Peanut out for a mini trip to the bookstore/coffee place. Since we were both technically still sick (though Peanut really just has the leftover cough, she certainly isn't acting sick at all), I kept her out of the kids' section with the t-r-a-i-n-s. ...more

Oy Vey . . . It's Christmas

Oy Vey It’s Christmas By Julie Stankowski ...more

Thanks!  At least I know someone got a little laugh.  Went to your blog and enjoyed your ...more

Happy Chanukah!

I am in dire need of holiday cheer. Peanut, H and I are still sick. I had no voice for most of the day. So my parents came over for a quiet but lovely dinner and to help out with Peanut. Well, things did not go as planned. They came and we were having a great time all the way up until it was time to light the candles. That is, of course, when the fire alarm went off. Now, I live in a condo/townhouse, so if the alarm goes off in the condo building (which was the case), the alarm goes off in the townhouses as ...more