Celebrate the Holidays Argentine Style with a Roasted Pig

Instead of recipes with ethnic flavors for the holidays, we want to share true traditions around big celebrations. Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Latin and Asian American countries, we've adopted it in some shape or form here in the U.S. But University of Florida professor, Michael Gannon, insists that a group of Spanish explorers (not Pilgrims) were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in the New World. And in actuality, Spanish, and not English, was spoken on that day....more

Thursday Thankfulness: Thanksgiving

So I haven't blogged too much about our Thanksgiving, but we stayed in town (my parents and grandparents live here). It's a wonderful blessing to have everyone pretty close. Thanksgiving always makes me reflect on the previous year and all of the wonderful things that have happened. This past year, I'm thankful that E turned two and is so much fun to be around. I'm thankful that my brother had a cancer-free scan after two years post surgery. I'm thankful that my sister-in-law had a successful surgery and a tumor removed....more

Thanksgiving Thoughts.

We had a special Thanksgiving this year. We celebrated as a whole. Two families came together to be together for this special once a year occasion. Over the last two years we have run around trying to please and eat with our own families... While delicious, it was exhausting and made for a very full day- figuratively and literally! This year we hosted! I was so excited to have a house full of family....more

If You Fail to Plan a Party, You Plan to Fail

Last year was the first time we hosted Thanksgiving. We seated 12, which is the absolute top capacity we can accommodate in our dining room without going double-decker. Moreover, we did this just three days after returning from a week in Mexico.We entertain pretty frequently, whether it's a casual get together with another couple or a big blowout multicourse dinner party. It's something we enjoy doing. But in order to keep it fun for everyone including us, not to mention to preserve our sanity, we put a fair amount of planning into each event....more
Love your post! We host our annual braai (rhymes with "sky" - it's a South African barbecue - my ...more

'Tis the Seasoning

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! We were very happy here in the Fokker abode. My parents, along with our nephew and niece, came up for a visit and it went swimmingly. Sweet Babou once again deep fried the turkey, which resulted in a moist & juicy bird. It was an organic fowl, but we found we didn’t notice the lack of arsenic in the taste and liked the meat a lot anyway....more

Thirdsgiving and other things

 Something I learned today: Zumba is incredibly difficult when you have gravy coursing through your veins. Like me, this week....more

Thankful for: The Big 3

Here it is, the ubiquitous post about gratitude.  It’s the spirit of the season, and though the traditions of Thanksgiving have a controversial background, it doesn’t make the holiday less special for those of us who look forward to it year after year.I could list the million and one things that I’m thankful for throughout the year, but I’d probably just end up annoying myself....more

Thanksgiving Nails

A couple days ago I painted my nails with fall colors and Thanksgiving turkeys.  I'd never drawn or painted a turkey before, so I wasn't sure that I'd be able to pull it off, but after looking at some other Thanksgiving nails designs that featured turkeys, I figured out that I could do it!  I don't have any nail art brushes, so I used my dotting tools to create the turkeys. I enjoy painting my nails, but I hate waiting for the paint to dry!...more

The Grand Gobbler

 I was looking around online for a Thanksgiving turkey project when I stumbled upon this free felt turkey sewing pattern.  The sewing pattern and instructions are available at Sewing.org. This was a quick, easy, and fun project that is perfect for Thanksgiving. I followed the pattern and instructions, but I didn't use the same colors of felt or the same size buttons that the pattern calls for. I also used ribbon instead of fabric for the turkeys bowtie, and I really like the ribbon.  I found it during one of my many trips to Wal-Mart. I purchased the felt from the local fabric store, and I originally intended to use the felt for a quiet book for my daughter, but I haven't gotten around to that yet... Anyhoo, I added my grand gobbler to this year's Thanksgiving wreath....more