Set Goals, Make Friends in the Process: Announcing Accountability Girlfriends

Just in time for New Year's Resolutions, I've started a new network called Accountability Girlfriends. If you've been tempted to not even bother setting goals this year, think again. Maybe you just need a cheerleading team to encourage you and push you a bit. This new social network will give you the chance to set goals and share them with other women. We'll all help keep you accountable so that you can make more happen in your life. ...more

Fun, Corporate Holiday Gifts All Under $25!

Fun, Corporate Holiday Gifts All Under $25! Spoiler Alerts ...more

Best Personalized Gifts Under $100

Best Personalized Gifts Under $100 Spoiler Alerts ...more

Is there anybody out there?

No I mean it: is there? What are we doing when we reach out beyond the laptop? For whom are we searching? We reach beyond the boundaries of our community, family, home, life...everything familiar, but what is it we seek? Recognition? Acceptance? Friendship, love, a feeling of "I get you" that might be absent in those we spend our lives with? ...more

It totally depends on what you're writing about. Broccoli is hardly revealing :) No risk factor ...more

What makes me happy

What makes me happy is when my daughter (who recently moved out) finally understands how much I really did for her when she was growing up.  Now she calls and says, "Mom, do you want to come over this weekend and hang out?"  (Which invariably means: Mom, do you want to come over and help me cook and clean my apartment?) ...more

Massage Candle

Have you ever experienced a Massage Candle? ...more

Twilight series

I am just wondering when the book midnight sun is coming out i really want to read this book i cant wait to see the movie i hope it does the book justice i can only imagine how she pictured the movie in her head as she wrote the books bella and edward in my eyes are the new romeo and juliet with out the sad ending i hope that she finds a way to make them come to life in the movie like they did in my head as i read her books. singing out this is shakita ...more

If not it will be the one thing she's asked about in every interview for the rest of her career. ...more

‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE!"

Mudflats Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics ...more