Depression hits working moms hard

The holiday season is in full force - a time that, at least in theory, should be filled with joy and happiness. But what if you find yourself having feelings that are far from those of joy and happiness? Feelings of hopelessness, agitation, guilt and even lifelessness? ...more

I'm sorry you've been battling depression for so long. Is there anything in particular that's ...more

Giving birth can be good, ecstatic, and even orgasmic

Last week, Lisa Belkin, parenting blogger at The NY Times, wrote about the upcoming 20/20 special on the film "Orgasmic Birth." The topic apparently hit a nerve with many, many people as she quickly received more than 500 comments. Many people, as to be expected, are skeptical. Mir of Woulda Coulda Shoulda had the most humorous response I read to the idea. As soon as I ...more

I just read about this in Christiane Northrop's book "Mother-Daughter Wisdom" and at ...more

Ask President-elect Obama to make breastfeeding a priority

This morning President-elect Barack Obama reaffirmed his strong commitment to health care reform. The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) believes that breastfeeding is an "essential public health issue" and should be a high priority for the incoming administration. In light of this, the USBC has created a petition urging President-elect Obama to make breastfeeding a high priority. ...more

There are MANY more things that need to be brought up such as Childhood Cancer Research which ...more

The Day Someone Came To Kill All The Women

Over at BlogHers Act Canada, we usually focus on two broad sets of issues: the environment and family health. This week, one of our writers opened up a discussion on something that has nothing to do with saving trees or cutting carbon emissions, and that is only tangentially related to health, but something that nonetheless demanded attention for the simple reason that we're women. And for women, the issue of hatred directed violently toward women always deserves and demands our attention. ...more

Have Yourself An Eco Little Christmas

If there's a time of the year during which it's hard to be green, this would be it: the holiday season is a season of consumption. There's just no getting around it: regardless of what winter holiday you celebrate, you invariably spend December (and, if we include Thanksgiving, November) (and if you're Canadian, October) eating and drinking and shopping and eating and drinking and eating and did I mention eating? And odds are that you're not sticking to your locavore diet (because, my god: eggnog without rum?), and not restricting your shopping list to locally made goods. ...more

I'm with Alison - We re-use gift bags made of holiday fabric, year after year. My grandmother ...more

Green And Pink And Political All Over

Yesterday was - how do I say this without risking profound understatement? ...more

"Women's Health" Is Nothing: Try Putting Air Quotes Around A Middle Finger

The other week, when John McCain got all dismissive about women's health during the presidential debate and kept waving his fingers around making sarcastic air quotes - or, as Jon Stewart correctly referred to them last night on The Daily Show, "dick fingers" - I thought that my head was going blow off. "Women" use "health" as an excuse to get abortions? This is something that the "extreme pro-abortion movement" uses as a ploy to promote abortion? "HEALTH"? ...more

 I was shocked when he did that in the debate but I guess it all caught up with him Obama ...more

Consumer Reports: high-tech births=poor outcomes

Consumer Reports isn't just for researching your next car purchase or washing machine anymore. That's right, that longtime resource for product reviews has broadened its scope to include health and wellness. In a recent article Consumer Reports tackles the topic of childbirth, concluding that "Too many doctors and hospitals are overusing high-tech procedures." ...more

yay for shopping for childbirth methods and approach in the same logical comparison model as ...more

Why Denis Leary Sucks

Is it just me, or does it seem that every time a celebrity (or politician: coughJOHNMCCAINcough) opens his or her mouth about anything related to health or parenting, they say something stupid? ...more

I used to like Denis Leary...until I learned he stole his entire act from Bill Hicks (Google it ...more

Our Bodies, Our Selves, Our CHILDREN'S Selves

It's Love Your Body Day. That's a good thing, and, also, a very, very sad thing. ...more

Dancing with your child is a great way to love your body without having to say anything about ...more