Green Obama

As President Bush announced yet another bail-out, this time for American automakers, it's hard to remember that there are other important problems that will need some serious attention when the administration takes over in January. ...more

Any kind of plan to save the planet is better than no plan at all. 

The Moxie Report. ...more

Greening Your Not So Green Holiday Guests

Not all of your Holiday guests will be as eco-friendly as you are. So, here are five tips to help make sure they don’t have a negative impact on your eco-friendly way of life. ...more

Have Yourself An Eco Little Christmas

If there's a time of the year during which it's hard to be green, this would be it: the holiday season is a season of consumption. There's just no getting around it: regardless of what winter holiday you celebrate, you invariably spend December (and, if we include Thanksgiving, November) (and if you're Canadian, October) eating and drinking and shopping and eating and drinking and eating and did I mention eating? And odds are that you're not sticking to your locavore diet (because, my god: eggnog without rum?), and not restricting your shopping list to locally made goods. ...more

I'm with Alison - We re-use gift bags made of holiday fabric, year after year. My grandmother ...more

Zero Plastic Packaging Challenge

Have you seen Amy Gate's No Plastic Holiday Challenge?  It warms my heart when other bloggers get on the no-plastic bandwagon. A suggestion I would emphasize is to be aware of packaging and shipping materials!  It's great to choose handmade and eco-friendly gifts, but often even these come packaged in plastic.  And plastic packaging is just the kind of disposable material that is making its way to the North Pacific Gyre.  (Isn't it ironic that a material that lasts forever in the environment is so often made into single-use disposable products?) So what can we do about it? ...more

Love your inspiring ideas! You are very diligent about requesting no plastic wrap when ordering ...more

Green And Pink And Political All Over

Yesterday was - how do I say this without risking profound understatement? ...more

Not a Red or Blue America, But a Green America

I wrote a piece today on the need for us to all "hang together" red and blue and move towards a green america on /11/04/election-day-we-must-all-hang-together ...more

Have a Greener Halloween

A friend was telling me the other day that she can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ people in Northern California buy for Halloween. She is from a small town in Southern California and they never bought costumes or make-up. They would just make their own from old clothes and maybe put charcoal on their faces. She has a good point. Our love affair with buying things for any occasion is out of control, and likely not just in Northern California. When looking at greener solutions to your typical Halloween Holiday, consider the basics and what you really need to have fun. ...more

Thanks for the green ideas! Very ...more

Pumpkins vs. Squirrels

It is fall now, and people not only decorate for Halloween once October rolls around, but they are decorating for fall. I have seen pumpkins, scarecrows, mums, gourds, cornstalks, and so much more! The problem, however, is that once these delicious decorations are placed squirrels want to feast on the food left outside. So how can we save our fall decorations without harming the squirrels? ...more

Getting Clean and Natural

We live in a pretty dirty world, and I’m not just talking about political mud slinging. Getting clean is a tricky subject. Many personal care products in the general marketplace use harsh chemicals that can harm you and strip your body of good bacteria.      ...more

Changing The World, One Blog At A Time

We tend to be pretty quiet up here in Canada. You'd hardly know that we have an election coming up, for example. Nor is it obvious that we spend a lot of time worrying about things like the environment and our children and when the hell the Stanley Cup is going to take its rightful place in Toronto. (I kid! It would also look very nice in Vancouver!) You'd hardly know that we can get pretty gung ho about causes. Which is why it's time to remind you all about BlogHers Act Canada. ...more

I was scrolling down and happened to notice something about the cup in Toronto, and as a ...more