Blog this today: How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, between now and Mother's Day?

How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, between now and Mother's Day, May 11, 2008? If you will download this widget today and encourage your readers to donate, we can find out. Won't you join us? ...more

Blog this today: How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, ...more

April Showers Bring EARTH MONTH

It's April now, which means that it's officially spring. (I know: spring officially begins in March. But does anyone actually buy that? APRIL is the month of daffodils and crocuses and spring rain and green.) Which means gardening and spring cleaning and breathing in the fresh clean goodness of an earth renewing itself. Which means: EARTH MONTH. ...more

 I'm so sorry that this article hasn't gotten more attention.  It was the only one that came ...more

Green Is The New Black

This month at BlogHers Act Canada, the eco-challenge of the month is Go Green With Style. That is, we want you to make your wardrobe, and your family's wardrobes - and your pets' wardrobes, I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing - as eco-friendly as possible. And then spread the word, and share your strategies, and tell us all about it, etc, etc. How do you make green the new black? ...more

Thanks for the link, Catherine.

I think maternity clothes can be tricky. With my first ...more

The next president holds the power to save a million children

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that nearly 10 million children worldwide die each year before the age of five, yet that is the reality according to a NY Times Op-Ed piece. We are fortunate that we aren't plagued with loss like that here in America, but in places like Sudan, where families are confronted with "every disease imaginable, from leprosy to malaria," it is estimated that approximately "one-quarter of children die by the age of five." ...more

... the next president would make the commitment. There are so many things a president can't do ...more


My mom attended school like most kids, went to high school and found her niche in art she won several art contests and a scholarship to Art school. She graduated from high school and worked at a dime store soda fountain to buy the things she wanted and needed. ...more

I Can Feel It Clogging Up The Air Tonight

As I've mentioned in this space before, my husband and I recently moved our family out of the city, to a small town in the country. We were looking for wide open spaces, fresh air, quaint village bakeries, the sort of healthy-crunchy-outdoorsy thing that we assumed to would better serve the end of raising of a healthy and well-rounded family. And we certainly found it, in spades. ...more

Hey, I'm right there with you. Until this week, we had the entire world's largest carbon ...more

Life In Plastic, Not Fantastic

I'd better just admit this right up front: I am terrible at limiting the number of plastic shopping bags that cross our threshold. It's not that I'm not committed to reducing our consumption of plastic bags - I have multiple recyclable shopping bags stashed in closets and cupboards all over our house - it's that, well, I'm just not so good at the whole remembering thing. As in, remembering to bring said recyclable shopping bags with me when I, you know, go shopping. ...more

I love the idea of making yourself buy more reusable bags if you forget to bring yours in with ...more

Helping kids Down Under

Long ago I decided once (if!) I was ever to make money off the ads I display on my blog that I would donate a portion of the profits to charity. As I've said before on my blog: "What I contribute can’t really compete to what other businesses, and enterprises, and wealthier individuals could. Nonetheless, I fully believe that contributing something, doing something, is better than nothing. Too long have people been scared or influenced by naysayers that we can’t make a difference." ...more

Health, Justice and Potatoes For All!

It has really struck me, during this past month of writing on the subject of maternal health for BlogHer, just how inextricable concerns regarding maternal health are from broader, more global concerns. Like the environment, for one; hence the pairing of maternal health coverage here with coverage of the goings-on at BlogHers Act Canada, which has set for itself, this year, the cause of encouraging social change - especially such change as starts at home - in the direction of living more environmentally friendly lives. ...more

Thanks for the NoMeatPoWeek link! It took me to a most interesting site. It was so fantastic ...more

If Coffee And Chocolate Are Bad, I Don't Want To Be Good

So I'm sitting and drinking the first of my two daily half-caf no-foam lattes and reading the newspaper the other day, when this headline catches my eye: Daily Double Can Be Fatal To Fetus. Which, seeing as my own caffeinated fetus was just at that moment tap-dancing on my ovary walls, alarmed me, just a little. I sipped my latte, and read on: ...more

I think that is the key, everything in moderation. I've known so many women who had a glass or ...more