Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Revealed

I’m such an idiot. Such a complete and total idiot that for decades I have bought the “let’s save the environment through reduce, reuse, and recycle” line. I have patted myself on the back each week as we haul mountains of recyclables out to the curb in our big plastic bins, dwarfing our little garbage can destined for some poor landfill. “I’m dong such a good job,” I told myself as I sat around feeling all eco-superior to the neighbors who recycled far less than I. And really when you think about it, isn’t “recycle” the “R” that is pushed to most Americans? ...more

Last Chance to Vote on the BlogHers Act Global Health Initiative!

Voting ends at midnight on Saturday for the BlogHers Act Global Health Initiative (more about the project further on!). Click on the link below to vote! View MicroPoll Web Survey Free Web Polls ...more

I've been out of the country with no internet connection for the past 10 days and just barely ...more

Daycare is NOT a Dirty Word!

I love daycare!  Okay, childcare for those of you who feel opposed to the word daycare.  I love childcare!!! I support childcare.  I encourage childcare.  I am proud of each and every parent that has taken the time to carefully review, select and enroll you children in childcare.  And, that includes those of you who have talked one of your relatives into beginning a personal childcare service enrolling only your child "for the short term".  ...more

This post caught my eye because I have been thinking lately about how lucky my youngest son is ...more

Polls are open until midnight, Aug. 25

Now that you've chosen Global Health as the most important focus of BlogHers Act, which of the following initiatives would you like us all to attack together? View MicroPoll Web Survey Free Web Polls ...more

Canada's lady bloggers are Awesome! (and nice and polite)

I was going to get all political on you guys this week and talk about Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, but my heart needs lighter fare to start the week. ...more

Blog Action Day: Oct 15, 2007

What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day? One issue. One day. Thousands of voices. - Register your blog site at the Blog Action Day site - Publicize Blog Action Day on your blog site - Post about your favorite cause related to the environment on October 15th BTW... Blog Action Day sounds conceptually similar to what we'd like to accomplish with BlogHer Act. Let's see what we can leverage from their efforts. ...more

Hi Lisa,

It was a pleasure to meet you as well.

About Blog Action Day, I'll be happy to ...more

Vote! Which Global Health Issue Should BlogHers Act Champion for the Year?

We are pleased to let you know that since BlogHer 07 we have been reading through the BlogHers Act tagged posts, researching global health issues and have put together a quick poll so we can narrow the focus on the global heath issue we as a community are going to get behind (see link below!) ...more

Actually, the survey is designed to only allow each computer to vote when you look at ...more

I Worry About Old People

Well, it may not be politically correct but I am trying to get your attention. I worry about old people. A lot. I worry about lonely old people. I worry about depressed old people. I worry about sick old people. I worry about neglected old people. I worry that we are not collectively worried more about old people. ...more

I am very sorry for your recent loss. Caring for and grieving the loss of our parents is an ...more

On The BlogHers Act Tip - Duke Medicine In Uganda

I could not help but think of the BlogHers Act when I found the following blog this morning. Duke University currently has a 28-Member team in Uganda. They have brought surplus medical supplies and equipment to a new hospital in Kampala, Uganda. Their staff will be trained, and both groups of doctors will be trained on the new equipment, and both groups of doctors will be participating in spinal and brain surgeries. This is their blog. ...more

BlogHers Act: Next steps

"It is amazing what a a woman and her friends can do." Out of this incredible, intense and mobilizing weekend, it feels like the wind of the windy city is at all of our backs as we move forward on the BlogHers Act initiative to make a difference on global health over the next 12 months. To re-cap, look here over the next few days for: ...more

Ah, there are so many worthy causes in need of our attention and ACTION.

As a cancer ...more