I Am Bloghers Act on Flickr: Give your Feedback on Global Health Issue

The Getting it On(line) for Cause Part 2 - Raise Consciousness included a discussion to drill into the "Global Health" issue and how we can focus it for BlogHers Act. (More from Morra Aarons here).  We had a wide ranging discussion on how we could focus the issue or go deep or go wide. ...more

Get Ready for Earn Our Votes: Questions and conversation starters

Updated: Now that Cooper and Emily have kicked off our spirit of activism with the unveiling of BlogHers Act's global issue, I want to remind both BlogHer conference attendees and site visitors that tomorrow at 10:30 am, the BlogHer community begins to develop its voter manifesto for 2008. If you're planning to attend the session, here are some "thought starters": questions from BlogHer members and YouTube video submitters to get your thoughts churning. Thanks to Val Jones and Zoe Chafe for helping to put these together. ...more

Although it could be viewed as shameless promotion for Craig Crawford's new book, The Politics ...more

BlogHers Act:making a world of difference on...GLOBAL HEALTH!!!

The global initiative you all voted on for BlogHers Act was just announced and it is...Global Health! We are ready to get to work, if you are at the conference, please come to our session at 4:30 today, or leave a comment below on what you would like to see done, or what you can do for this initiative!!! More soon - off to "speed dating" for bloggers!" ...more

It woud be so great if that could happen. We hope it does. We totally agree!more

BlogHers Act: Live from Chicago!

Hello from Chicago! The countdown begins! We arrived today and are getting so excited for BlogHer 07, ESPECIALLY all the great things that will be happening with BlogHers Act ! ...more

Health Care and VA benefits! Our VA Health Care system needs a major overhaul. Many veterans ...more

Empowering social activities by making podcasts & releasing songs on iTunes!

I'm a panelist on the Audio segment of the Advanced Multimedia Lab session at BlogHer. I'm an audio and video podcaster from Japan. I've been so lucky to have chances to talk about how to use podcasting for social activities as one of the active podcasters. I make auido/video podcasts to encourage volunteer organizations and eco activisties. I also have my songs on iTunes, and the income will be donation for orphans in Asian countires. ...more

BlogHers Act: Time to vote, Canada!

Time to vote on Canada! BlogHers Act Canada has their survey up, and between now and midnight, Sunday, July 22nd, you can vote on the issues the BlogHers Act Canadian bloggers want to get behind and make a difference on for the next 12 months. ...more

Voting is acting: BlogHers Act Round-Up

Another amazing week for BlogHers Act! Yesterday, Leslie Morgan Steiner, wrote about BlogHers Act a second time on her Washington Post blog On Balance, urging people to VOTE! Thank you, Leslie!!!! ...more

BlogHers Act: Canadian Edition!

Editor's note: What do you want BlogHers to act on in the next year -- globally and in the U.S. election? Please, Take our survey and let us know. Thanks! The magic of BlogHers Act continues to grow by the day, and here is one of the best examples of that yet. Catherine Connors of Her Bad Mother and MommyBlogs Toronto sent this email over the weekend: "So, myself and the ladies (and man) of MommyBlogsToronto have been beyond inspired by all the activity around BlogHer Act, and began having discussions about how we could carry some of that inspiration into the Canadian blogHERsphere. The secondary push from BlogHer Act to address legislative issues in the US is, we think, something that we should be doing in Canada, too." ...more

Especially since I got invited to be an honorary Canadian!more

Solutionary Women: Advice for the Road

"Social change is one giant organism. ...more

BlogHers Act: Take the Survey - Deadline July 8th!

As Elisa Camahort announced yesterday, (VERY exciting!) the BlogHers Act survey is now live and taking your votes. You can take the BlogHers Act survey here. ...more

Elisa Camahort