POLL OPEN: The BlogHers Act Survey is live! What's your vote?

[img_assist|fid=4158|thumb=1|alt=BlogHers Act] The BlogHers Act survey is ready! Thanks to everyone who participated these last couple of weeks by blogging, commenting and emailing your ideas for the BlogHers Act initative. Step #1 is complete. We gathered every idea we received or found online and compiled them into one big inspiring list. It's time for Step #2. ...more

I'd have to go back to the other posts, but I can give an example from my own off the top of my ...more

Getting The Message Out That Rape Is Wrong

When I started writing my post on my personal blog for BlogHers Act, I didn't know what I would write when I got to my suggestion for a global cause.  I certainly didn't expect that what I came up with would cross into sex & relationships territory. ...more

Yes, Liz... We DO agree on that. :) Let me try again...

And Bill your arguement ...more

BlogHers Act: Week Two Round Up, Next Stop - A Community Survey!

The last two weeks have been awe-inspiring, educational and incredibly motivating as we read through every beautiful, thoughtful, brilliant suggestion you submitted for the BlogHers Act initiative. And there were lots of them, several hundred in fact! A Google search of the term “BlogHers Act” turned up zero hits two weeks ago and today there are almost 40,000! Yowza, people, you have it GOING ON! See for yourselves: here is what was submitted on BlogHers Act in week one, and what follows below is a summary from this past week. ...more

BlogHers Act: On Civility and Education, and a Few Other Things

I had an issue with someone's behavior last week who was in a position to make a decision that impacts my life. I also wasn't in a position to do much about it. So as in most situations where I have no control over the outcome and wish I did, I complained for awhile. I switched up my pitch and expression from time to time and used a few fifty-cent words just to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. A friend of mine who was listening against his will (but who is such an all-around awesome trooper that he'll even try to act interested unless it gets really bad), said, "Oh, come on. ...more

BlogHers Act: Deadline for submissions is tomorrow!

Wow. The suggestions for BlogHers Act have been phenomenal! The range and depth of the discussions are so inspiring and feel like something (dare we say it?) historic is most definitely in the making. We want to make sure everyone who wants to weigh in has the chance, so PLEASE be sure to write a post on your own blog, tagged "BlogHers Act" or post in the comments section here on BlogHer.  We will conclude the suggestion gathering phase tomorrow, Friday, June 15! That is the deadline -- June 15! ...more

Self-sufficency for impoverished women around the globe. I more

BlogHers Act: On Action

Editor's note: More here about BlogHers Act. It’s late summer, 2004. I don’t have any good contract projects but I’ve planned, so I’m not too strapped financially. I’ve just returned from a long stay abroad and many of my friends are asking me why I didn't just stay in Europe. The long answer to that is a bit tedious if you haven’t lived abroad but the short answer is both easy and unlikely. It’s this: I am a passionate patriot. I love America. ...more

For the cheering section. It means a lot.

I still think it's absolutely critical to talk ...more

BlogHers Act: Blog to the White House from WaPo.com

Leslie Morgan Steiner, who writes the brilliant and extremely popular blog, On Balance, for posted this morning about BlogHers Act, inviting her many readers to weigh in. Leslie's post, Blog to the White House, raises many inspiring and thought-provoking points, as do the numerous commenters. Go take a look. ...more

My son is a veteran and has a spinal cord injury and MS. He is entitled to VA benefits but is ...more

BlogHers Act: Make Me Believe

You must be the change you want to see in the world. -Mahatma Gahdhi I am excited about BlogHers Act. I am excited to be optimistic and excited to be hopeful about our collective ability to effect change both in the world and in this country. But I will only be able to maintain my hope, enthusiasm and optimism if everyone who votes on the issues for BlogHers to act on also commits to acting in her life to bring about the changes we want to see. ...more

Very thought-provoking post! I agree that healthcare reform, poverty, peace, and civil liberties ...more

BlogHers Act: Week One Round-Up

Wow. You all are AMAZING. The depth and breadth of brainpower, knowledge and heart in this organization is INCREDIBLE. Since we announced BlogHers Act on Tuesday so many of you have responded with passion and conviction detailing the issues you want to see this community get behind. A round-up is below. But, first, if you aren’t familiar with what we are working to achieve through the BlogHers Act project, here’s a re-cap: ...more

I'm new here and I would say we need to reestablish a stronger and a different middle class in ...more

BlogHers Act: Lifting Women Out of Global Poverty

Leng Sopharath ...more

Wow, what compelling stories! Thanks for sharing :-)

I definitely agree that poverty is a key ...more