World premiere of play One in 3 Jan. 22 in Dallas about abortion

I'm so proud that Dallas, TX...home of the women who fought for Roe Vs. Wade, will be home to the world premiere of a new play called One in 3, which tells the many stories of women and abortions.  It debuts Jan. 22. See ...more

The Delicious Mom

Being A Delicious Mom is more than just being MILFy or SuperMom.  Both terms are definitely compliments to any mother, don't get me wrong, but in actuality, they are unsubstantial. Being a Delicious Mom is about being a Woman and Loving YOURSELF.  Once you achieve this, you and your children will benefit in soooo many ways.  ...more

A Tale of Two Titties

Let me begin by saying that I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding. I'm a dietitian and therefore must, if at all possible, breastfeed all of my biological children. That being said...ouch! If you are a man and don't care about my nipples, I suggest you stop reading now. If you are a girl that is pregnant at this time, I highly recommend you read the gory details. ...more

John McCain’s Wrong Answers to Working Women’s Questions—Now Give Him Your Answer at the Ballot Box

Don’t get excited. John McCain didn’t respond directly to the questions about his positions on economic and reproductive justice we (Carole Joffe and I) first put to him on Labor Day and have been asking him ever since. ...more

Help Us Support Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we see pink everywhere. Everywhere we turn there is a simple way to help support the fight against breast cancer. Whether we go into a store and make a pink purchase, make a donation, join a walk, or purchase an item from somewhere where a percentage of proceeds goes towards breast cancer awareness, we cannot deny that it is easy to help find a cure.   ...more

The Nightmares of Beyond the Womb...

After moving all week, and a lot of other stressors I was having such severe contractions I called Jason at work Saturday, my friend Jenn came and got Bri and then we went to SNGH. I was in labor which got closer and closer and then started to bleed. I started to dilate and then they said they would be doing the c section at 36 weeks, but there was no guarantee her lungs would be developed. ...more

Fish And Boobies And Blankets, Oh My

Hey, so guess which of the above three things - fish, boobies and blankets - are actually recommended as good for babies' health and development? ...more

These stories always come out right before I'm due to fly to the US for a visit!  I don't know ...more

Rate your doctor, midwife & hospital on The Birth Survey

If you've given birth in the United States in the past three years, you are eligible to participate in The Birth Survey. Thanks to The Birth Survey: Transparency in Maternity Care, "women can now give consumer reviews of doctors, midwives, hospitals, and birth centers, learn about the choices and birth experiences of others, and view data on hospital and birth center standard practices and intervention rates." If enough women take this survey, it could have a serious impact on maternity care in the U.S. ...more

Thank you for doing whatever you can to help spread the word, Kelly. :)


Sharing Blessings

I don’t have a lot to give.  I am not wealthy, I barely make my bills. I am not extroverted and have a hard time being social, I’m very introverted.  I’m not the smartest person I know, although I try, I have friends and co workers who are much brighter than I am.  I may not know what I’m doing as a parent, but I like to think I’m heading in the right direction.  Despite all the things that I don’t have to give or strengths, abilities or talents that aren’t out of the ordinary, I still have one way that I can contribute to this world.  ...more

Your donation will be well worth it to some baby or child whose mother is not as blessed as ...more

Toss The Tylenol, Nursing Moms: This Is Terrifying

If you're a mom, and you nurse, you need to read this: codeine ingested by some nursing mothers can harm - even kill - their babies. ...more

A friend just shared this link with me with Dr. Hale's take on it: