Hide Your Hooters, The Haters Are Comin'

Here's what breaks my heart about ongoing debates about the ethics of breastfeeding in public: that there IS any debate. Shouldn't this subject be considered settled? Wasn't that the whole point of World Breastfeeding Week last week? To celebrate breastfeeding, and our will and ability to do it whenever, wherever? Was nothing learned from the Facebook/Bill Mayer debacles of last fall? ...more

I was asked to move to a changing room, asked to move to a bathroom, etcetera when I first ...more

Because Sometimes, Those Storks Make Crash Landings

This just in: childbirth can be traumatic. ...more

When will people ever realise that for some women childbirth is much, much more damaging ...more

AIDS in the USA: It's Worse Than We Thought

Have you heard about the "new" CDC surveillance system used for tracking new HIV infections? Did you notice that the infection rate is considerably higher than originally reported? Our Bodies, Our Blog has an overview of the CDC's revised HIV infection estimates. ...more

Yep, and those somebody else's are not the people "we" care anything about. Blah.

I've ...more

Are You one of the 12 million?

Are you one of the 12 Million?  ...more

John Walsh & Others Speak Out In Support of the Advancing America's Priorities Act

This afternoon I participated in a press conference call hosted by Americans United for Change, featuring a group of people all supporting bills within the Advancing America's Priorities Act. Speakers included: ...more

The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act Moves Forward!

Today, America's mothers, infants and families have reason to be encouraged and to reach out to their state senators to again request their support of The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act in its final push to passage. YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD and this morning, Majority Leader Reid introduced a package of bills called Advance America's Priorities Act which now includes The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act. ...more

U.S. Senate: Are TVs More Important Than Moms?

It's too bad we're not televisions.  If we were, the government would make damn well sure we were working right.  But at this point, it doesn't seem that postpartum depression awareness is as important as making sure everyone in the United States knows about the transition to digital television.  ...more

HHS new rules document proposes religious tenets as basis of health care for women

(Image: Source Zimbio. Photo by None/Getty Images North America. Taken at a a live taping of Meet the Press at NBC Studios July 13, 2008 in Washington, DC. Even Carly Fiorina, a top McCain surrogate, called birth control a choice.) In other women's rights trampling, the Bush Administration is doing the quick step to achieve as many of its oppressive agenda points as possible before the President's term ends. This week's big move? Removing the blockade and letting anti-choice activists storm the health care castle in order to not only block women from getting abortions that are, for the record, still legal, but also could classify contraception products as abortions and enable "objectors" to prevent women from accessing those too. They call it "preventing discrimination" in hiring on the basis of "religious belief" but it's clear---after reading all 39 pages of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed rule document---what it really is: trying to cut the legs out from under Roe v. Wade. What does the document say? (Click here to read the complete PDF, provided courtesy of RH Reality Check.) ...more

Ain't no power like the power of the mama

About nine months after I had my first child, I went (with the kiddo in tow) to my first Mothers Acting Up meeting. It was my first foray, at least post-children, into an organized activist group. While the timing wasn't right for me to become a regular member, I gleaned a piece of knowledge from that meeting that I think will always stay with me. That is that mothers as a whole are a very, very large group, and if they use their power for good, they can become a force to be reckoned with. ...more

I think one of the main keys to unlocking this issue is the mindset so many mothers get ...more

Baby On Booby, To Go

When I first started breastfeeding my first child, I was totally anxious about nursing in public. Was anyone looking? Was anyone freaked out by my boob? I sought out nursing rooms wherever I could, until it became clear that if I was to move about in the world with my child and not spend all of my time in stuffy nursing rooms or - horror - washroom stalls, I would have to chill out and just bare the booby. And so I did. And it was, mostly, fine. ...more

I wonder if they have these discussions so much in other parts of the world (forgive me for ...more