Depression hits working moms hard

The holiday season is in full force - a time that, at least in theory, should be filled with joy and happiness. But what if you find yourself having feelings that are far from those of joy and happiness? Feelings of hopelessness, agitation, guilt and even lifelessness? ...more

I'm sorry you've been battling depression for so long. Is there anything in particular that's ...more

Giving birth can be good, ecstatic, and even orgasmic

Last week, Lisa Belkin, parenting blogger at The NY Times, wrote about the upcoming 20/20 special on the film "Orgasmic Birth." The topic apparently hit a nerve with many, many people as she quickly received more than 500 comments. Many people, as to be expected, are skeptical. Mir of Woulda Coulda Shoulda had the most humorous response I read to the idea. As soon as I ...more

I just read about this in Christiane Northrop's book "Mother-Daughter Wisdom" and at ...more

Birth, The 'I'll Have What She's Having' Way

I have to admit: when I first saw that 20/20 is going to feature a documentary on orgasm during childbirth, I rolled my eyes. Waaaay back in my head. ...more

I'm so pleased to see you share this. None of my birth experiences in and of themselves were ...more

Autism Twitter Day ~ A Day to Promote Postive Autism Awareness

In June of 1998, her oldest son was diagnosed with autism. Less than a year later, in April of 1999, her younger son was diagnosed with the same. They are on opposite ends of the spectrum; one is non-verbal, the other is higher functioning. Not only was she was hit with something most parents never experience, she was hit with it twice and with the highest of extremes. ...more

Ask President-elect Obama to make breastfeeding a priority

This morning President-elect Barack Obama reaffirmed his strong commitment to health care reform. The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) believes that breastfeeding is an "essential public health issue" and should be a high priority for the incoming administration. In light of this, the USBC has created a petition urging President-elect Obama to make breastfeeding a high priority. ...more

There are MANY more things that need to be brought up such as Childhood Cancer Research which ...more

Can The Internet Save Your Life?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the blogging community can be a lifesaving resource for new moms (and soon-to-be-moms and been-there-done-that moms and everyone in between and beyond.) That's my Internet - a community of caring peers who are always there to provided support and caring and practical help. But what about the Internet that stood by and watched a young man broadcast his suicide on YouTube? What is it that separates the nurturing Internets from the ones that scream 'jump! jump!' at a young man on a virtual ledge? ...more

So many of the blogs (generally mommy blogs, sheesh) I read deal with depression of some ...more

I couln't have been more stressed... but I survived

I’ve always maintained there are three major stress triggers in a person’s life: when you have to move, when you lose your job, and when you or a love one is ill. In the last year I’ve had all three stress triggers present themselves. In addition, within the last few months I’ve added renovating a home and the death of a loved one to my stress trigger list. On Blogger I write about how to release stress and stay positive. ...more

Celebrate YOU!

The media bombards us with images of women who are pencil thin, who look flawless 24 hours a day, and who manage all of their myriad responsibilities without ever breaking a sweat. We often fall into the trap of believing the hype and setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Added to that, on a daily basis we are asked to live up to the expectations of our spouses, our children, our extended families; sometimes even our friends and neighbors. ...more

December is National Stress-Free Family Holidays Month

Stress diminishes productivity, motivation and concentration. It contributes to illness, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes; has a negative impact on the immune system, and causes aging at the cellular level. Seventy-five to ninety percent of all visits to the doctor are for stress related complaints. Cortisol (commonly referred to as the stress hormone) is a hormone released in the body during times of physical and psychological stress or agitation. ...more

Doctor Google, Give Me The News

Mid-way through my pregnancy with my first child, my doctor sat me down and said this: "I want you to promise me that you WILL NOT DIAGNOSE YOURSELF THROUGH GOOGLE." "Okay," I said, pulling one hand behind my back and crossing my fingers. "I won't Google." "And you won't do ANY internet research on issues that you are worrying about. You will call ME, or you will call Motherisk." "Yep." Fingers still crossed behind my back. ...more

I'm always calling my health insurance's nurse advice line. It's great for helping me figure ...more