No Child Should Go Hungry!

When I was a little girl I never knew that my mother was struggling to put food on the table. I didn't know how painful that must have been for her until I found myself in a similar circumstance several years ago....more

His Best Gift

The routine for business trips with my dearest is during the day he goes off to do whatever it is he does and I wander the streets without a chaperone. In Toronto this means navigating through the heart of Bay street on the way to the real world. Tailored suits, really shiny shoes and an atmosphere thick with excitement, expensive cologne and entitlement....more

It's Not Your Business What Other People Spend Their Tax Returns On

I'm constantly telling my twins, "look, when you give something away, it's no longer yours. It belongs to the person you gave it to, and you should be happy you were able to make them so happy." Sharing is a big deal in this house, and it's hard. I get it. You don't want to give away what you think is yours. And when I make them share, it's as if this big unfair, stupid hand is forcing them to do what they least want to do. Then they're supposed to be happy about it....more
I have to say that I hear this same stuff year after year. I've been told many times that I ...more

No one likes wax beans, generic Kraft Dinner and "apple beverage". Think before you give.

This post comes from a good friend of mine, Ani Perrault. She wrote it years ago, and I read it then. I reread it every year. Why? It is, quite simply, the best thing I've ever seen on the internet. ... ...more
I am glad you have provided a real person's perspective on this.  Our school provides Christmas ...more

Finding Hope in a Hungry World - How you can help.

Finding Hope in a Hungry WorldIt’s Christmas time and over 50 million people in the United States are struggling with hunger?  These people are skipping many meals because they are unable to afford food, and sadly, over 17 million of them are children.  This is a problem that affects nearly every county in the entire country....more

How to Solve Worldwide Poverty. Seriously.

So, you’re taking a stroll on some rarely used train tracks. The track you’re walking along branches off not too far from where you are. A lone walker is going down one branch while a group of teenagers are congregated on the other. As you reach the fork and are considering which way you want to go, you see a train coming towards you. It’s still a little way off, but you hop off the track all the same. Turning around, you discover that neither the individual or the teenagers have noticed the oncoming train and are still on the tracks....more

Pope Francis’s Witness to the Modern World Symbolized in a Single Image

Seven differences that Pope Francis has made  in one public  appearance are in keeping with this man's lifestyle. This image is also a visual symbol for this pope’s message to the world. Pope Francis has a special vocation to witness to social issues....more

What Would a Million Dollars Worth of Tampons Look Like?

The Prompt: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?This is not a big challenge.1. I’d pay off my outstanding debts – I guess I’d have to use online banking. Hmmm.I wonder if there’s a contingency for paying but the  money not being removed from the bank by nightfall?2. Here’s the boring part – I’d take all the rest and immediately invest in some sort of retirement account.So let’s change the rules -  what would I do if I had to literally spend it, not invest it?...more

Who Would You Rather Work For: Apple or McDonald's?

logo mashup via Perfect Image Group ...more

The Redeemed Child

 Originally posted at Do you know what a starving child looks like? ...more