Pope Francis’s Witness to the Modern World Symbolized in a Single Image

Seven differences that Pope Francis has made  in one public  appearance are in keeping with this man's lifestyle. This image is also a visual symbol for this pope’s message to the world. Pope Francis has a special vocation to witness to social issues....more

What Would a Million Dollars Worth of Tampons Look Like?

The Prompt: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?This is not a big challenge.1. I’d pay off my outstanding debts – I guess I’d have to use online banking. Hmmm.I wonder if there’s a contingency for paying but the  money not being removed from the bank by nightfall?2. Here’s the boring part – I’d take all the rest and immediately invest in some sort of retirement account.So let’s change the rules -  what would I do if I had to literally spend it, not invest it?...more

Who Would You Rather Work For: Apple or McDonald's?

logo mashup via Perfect Image Group ...more

The Redeemed Child

 Originally posted at www.emilytheperson.com. Do you know what a starving child looks like? ...more

Just a Cup of Milk

photo credit: meantux via photopin ccIt is such a mundane thing....more
Excellent reminder of how lucky most of us are that we can provide for our families -- while so ...more

Bullies With Buggies - How Register Rage Blinds Otherwise Reasonable People to The Facts

I never really understood why or how people manage to monitor the grocery shopping habits of other people in their line.  Yes, I might glance in someone's cart while waiting my turn in line, but I tend to look away - sort of good manners dictating that I not stare at what people are purchasing. And beyond idle curiosity, I really don't care....more

6 Reasons Not to Use the Phrase "Skin in the Game"

1) Its not your skin you're usually talking about. So keep in mind when some people give up their skin, they are giving up skin they need for something else. 2) You are assuming people have any skin to give. Some people are born with much less opportunity to get some of that skin.  Opportunity costs a lot of skin. 3) There is a lot of skin out there but the top of the skin bracket have it. And the number of those with a middle-class amount of skin is shrinking.  The shrinking skin... ...more

Poverty in America: How We Can Help Families

For every distressing national poverty statistic, the numbers for children are worse. While one-sixth of all Americans live in poverty and one-third live in “near poverty,” with incomes below twice the poverty level, one fourth of children under age five are poor and nearly half fall into the “near poor” category. ...more
And for as long as the question has been asked, "the poor" have been lumped into a single ...more

Are We Willing to Talk About Poverty Beyond Charity and Politics?

Tonight we had dinner with a gay male couple that we've known for ten plus years - they are in their 60's, so 12-20 years older than us. They are a marvelous couple and it was a nice evening. They are involved in the community, politically aware, generous with their donation and volunteer time. ...more

Sniffles and Soup

Welcome to January (and perhaps back to work.)When we selected a "theme" for this month - it wasn't hard. It is cold season (and flu, bronchitis and pneumonia season) so we stick with two basic items: soup and tissue. ...more