Poor. Poor isn’t just the old homeless men standing in line at the Marion House Soup Kitchen. It isn’t only the dreadlocked kids off the interstate with cardboard signs....more
This is brilliant! I've been there often enough in my life to recognize this immediately not ...more


It's a Thursday morning and I am running errands with Xander in the back seat. I can still smell the new car scent of the Honda JS and I just traded my old coup in for and I am listening to one of my favorite playlists on the iPhone I got for my birthday. Although it's January, the sun is out and bright and a light breeze creates dancing shadows of leaves across my eyes. I adjust the vents so that cool air blows against my face....more

where does poverty live?

I live in an affluent suburb of Denver. My life is easy. I worry about very little. I live in a beautiful community with Recreation Centers, award winning schools, and outstanding after school opportunities for my children. I have health insurance (still not sure why I have so many out of pocket expenses from this major insurance carrier)....more

Poverty - A Reporter's Tale

It was February in Connecticut.  The bitter winds blew over the snow, frozen into icy lumps so that even the force of the gales could not lift it.  Walking over it, my warm boots didn't even make a crunch.  My fingers were frozen; I was holding a microphone.  My lips were chapping and my eyes watering; I had to leave my face uncovered so that I could interview the various people who came my way.They were lined up in tattered coats, wearing dirty threadbare turtlenecks three sizes too big.  Many pushed strollers ahead of them, little heads sticking out f...more

Settling In, but Not Settling for Poverty

These last couple days I've been following the story of The Man with the Golden Voice as it's been unfolding on YouTube and NBC news. I keep wishing I had some sort of talent I could capitalize on, but I'm not sure I have. Like so many people, I have ideas but neither the skill nor capital to implement them. ...more

I do think many things in life are based on luck. But we also must consider that this man's ...more

How to Prepare for Homelessness

I'm no stranger to homelessness. As I went about making arrangements to be homeless, I realized that there were a number of things that could be done to minimize the impact of homelessness and make it more likely to be a temporary rather than chronic situation. For some, homelessness becomes a trap. I wasn't about to let it become a trap for me and my family. ...more
I would like to share my story briefly, in hopes that this can bring some kind of awareness to ...more

Oral Lee Brown Promises the World to Third Graders in Oakland

I admit it: The cynic in me absolutely cringed when I read a description of Oral Lee Brown's promise to fund an entire classroom's college education. She's just one woman, after all -- and we aren't talking about Bill and Melinda Gates here. She told ABC News that she made the promise impulsively: "I don't know where it came from," she said. ...more

There have been so many inspiring stories of generosity this Christmas season. I love it when ...more

This Christmas Give the Gift of Education

One of the most powerful gifts we can give is education.  An organization doing just this is Janta. Janta's mission "is to alleviate extreme poverty by increasing access to education." It enables "poor families to invest in their own education through microloans and scholarships for primary, secondary, and voca...more

Poverty During the Holidays: How to Get Help so That This Season is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – For Everyone

From EmpowHER.com: Here’s the thing about holidays.  Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's and more….it’s all about smiling. We smile looking at the glamour of the mall, the Merry Christmas photos where everyone is grinning ear to ear, those annual Christmas letters from everyone (yep, I’ve succumbed to it too) where we talk about how fabulous everything has been all year (that part I generally manage to avoid) and every movie is all about cheer....more