The Latest from the U.S. Census on Fertility Patterns Part II

Here's more from the U.S. Census newly released report, “Fertility of American Women.”  Data was collected from three million households in 2008.  My last post spoke to data on women with no children.  Here are some numbers I found interesting regarding women who are having children in our country:    ...more

When the Refrigerator Is Empty: Thinking About the Census Poverty Report

Once there was a Barbie doll who, thanks to feminist activism, was taken off the market. She said this awful phrase, "Math is hard!" Sexism notwithstanding, math is hard for many people, but some math is undeniably clear: Such as over 43 million Americans live in poverty. We all can agree that is "too much, too many." ...more

We all "need to respect and value other people,an obligation that extends from simple courtesy ...more

The Womb Police

When I was six months pregnant with my third child, I had the honor of toasting one of my closest friends at her wedding. I stood, wine glass in hand, extolling the great gifts of a well-met marriage rubbing my expanding belly for emphasis. After I sat down, one of the men at our table took away my wine glass and said, “I know you know your baby doesn’t need this.” ...more
Guys often try to be helpful.  We should actually embrace that as women, as it can be a ...more

Impoverished Parenting

I did not grow up poor. We were not rich either. At one point in this country, there was a rather substantial middle class. I lived in a large house with a huge yard. I had nice clothes, my own room, toys, dance lessons, piano and violin lessons, ski passes, horse-back riding lessons, summer vacations to Maine, trips to Disney World, and a week or so of residential camp. ...more
Thank you for sharing this - every real face put on poverty is one more drop in the bucket to ...more

Who Speaks for the Children?

If you see something wrong, do you turn a blind eye? Or do you try to find a way to fix the problem? This morning I naively learned what happens  when you place faith in an overburdened underfunded system to make the right choice in helping another child's life ....more

would you have a carwash to raise money to bury a loved one?

i have been noticing lately in the small Central California town that i live in, that  there are lots of carwashes going on. you know the kind that raise funds usually for a sports team or some kind of trip that the highschool band is taking. those are pretty much the norm in any city, especially here in California. but in the last year i have probably seen close to 60 carwashes that are being held to cover funeral expenses for someones loved one. i actually participated in my first carwash of this kind a few weeks ago....more

Cutting Child Care Subsidies Hurts Employment, Hurts Kids

Even back in 1996, many states saw child care as something that they had to have to make sure people got off the welfare rolls. Not enough people understood its transformative power for all kinds of people. Child care subsidies opened my eyes to a new world; it's our collective loss when we don't invest in it. ...more
I made the mistake of commenting on a NY Post article about Educare and was instantly flamed. It ...more

America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist....more

Human Trafficking A Global Problem

Human Trafficking is a global problem; a problem with many victims that are not easily tracked. High profits, low prosecution and difficulty with inter-agency cooperation is part of what keeps this modern day slavery alive....more

Who's More Worried About the Economy -- Barack Obama or You?

Up until the last couple of days, I was sure that the economy and its sad, sad shape occupied the top spot on Barack Obama's worry list as President-elect. That pesky Illinois Governor seems to have knocked Obama off-message and off-stride, but I'm hoping he'll get his attention back to where it needs to be for the millions who voted for him -- and for the ones who didn't vote for him, as well. ...more