2009 New Years Resolution: To Live a Long Life?

Todays Headline: Americas Oldest Man Dies at 112Wow! Can you imagine living that long? What's your new years resolution for 2009? ...more

Rest In Peace, Odetta, the Voice of the Civil Rights Movement

I meant to write something about Odetta's passing when I heard about it on December 3rd, but it's taken me this long to process it. ...more

Columbus Ohio's 'Northwest Serial Rapist' still on the loose

We were told this morning by a friend that lives in Columbus, Ohio, that there is a serial rapist in that neck of the woods. Apparently he has raped several women since June of this year. This rapist is male and 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 9 inches tall, race unknown. He has a stalky build and is in his late 30s to early 40s. That pretty much describes many male's... ...more

If you want more information on how to protect yourself, reply back to me.  COLLEGE STUDENTS ...more

Campbell Brown Speaks out about Race-Baiting in the Presidential Campaign...You Go Girl!

I love CNN's Campbell Brown. I think she is smart, agressive, not afraid to ask probing questions and I have followed her career for years. But I became even more enthralled with her when last night she basically tore a new one in the American public butt about racism. ...more


 i am ready for the end of this toxic election

and hoping that activist ...more

A midwife's labor of love

Ruth Lubic is a woman on a mission. At an age when most people would have already retired, she embarked on a new project - starting a midwife-operated birthing center in one of the poorest areas of Washington D.C. The infant mortality rate in D.C. ...more

Ruth Lubic is a heroine. Birth is a natural process, not an illness needing hospitalization. ...more

Damn Lil' Wayne--Now I HAVE to Live Without My Radio

So I’m in the car on my way to Target with my daughters when I realize I pulled out without my pack of homemade kid-friendly/mom-approved CD mixes. Now, this isn’t an issue if I’m driving alone—I simply tune into talk radio (Warren Ballentine has myear during morning errands, Michel Martin’s NPR show Tell Me More is on in the afternoon, and I smile all the way to my exercise torture… er, African dance class listening to Farai Chideya’s News & Notes in the evenings). But Mari and Lila neither understand nor appreciate the finer points of intelligent black thought on the RNC convention and the Kwame Kilpatrick fiasco (hey,they’re nine and six—have an exhaustive talk about SpongeBob, Raven-Symone, orsnot, and they’re all in). So I turned on the radio. It was nine in the morning. I live only about five minutes from Target. “How bad could it be?” I asked myself as I punched in my local R&B station. And wouldn’t you know—on comes Lil’ Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer,” with Bobby Valentino contributing achorus of police siren noises and dirty talk about what he’s going to do to thelady cop when he gets her in the backseat of her ride. It took Lila, the 6-year-old, all of three seconds to tap into her inner Beyonce and join along:“When I get all up in ya/We can hear the angels calling us/We can see thesunrise before us/And when I’m in that thang/I’ll make that body sing/I make itsay Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee…” she sang with much gusto and way too much glee. ...more

The crash my ride moment happend for me with this song.  I have written to radio stations ...more

Bristol Palin: The Hypocrisy Over Teenage Pregnancy

About a month ago, I found out that my niece is pregnant, and I’m not proud of how I reacted to this news. In hindsight, maybe it is because when she was a teenager I told her, "Don't get pregnant or I'll break your legs." Granted, unlike Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s daughter, my niece will be 23 next week and a college graduate, but despite living with the father of her child, she is unmarried. ...more

I am one of those evangelical Christians of whom you speak in this entry.  However, I spotted ...more