Children are God's greatest gift to the world!

I’ve always had a thing for babies and little children. I was the oldest of many cousins, so I acted like such a little mom all the time! I think that’s why I want to protect the unborn so much now too. Anyway, that facial expression of amazement I had back then, when I saw my little sister…. is almost exactly what my face looked like in the recent photo with my daughter (if you could see my face.) I still couldn’t believe this little breathing human came out of me? It’s still too amazing for me to fathom. I just got the most recent photos of my daughter in the mail today from her adoptive family, and I am even more in awe of what God can do. She is growing into such a beautiful little girl and is so happy! I love the parents so much. They said her eyes sparkle and shine so much and her smile wins over the hearts of everyone! People in their church can’t help but stop by and be captivated by her laugh and personality! Isn’t God GREAT! I was scared to open them when they first arrived, but I’m always so happy when I do. Thank you God for her and her great family! ...more

Loving a quiet Sunday!

We woke up this morning and started the day like every other morning, Evan (our 2, almost 3 year old ) waking us saying "my bellies hurting!" He wakes up starving every day! Our Sunday morning "thing" is Strawberry Pancakes. I make the pancakes, my oldest son makes the syrup (1 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 cups of water, 1/2 a package of strawberry jello, and 2 Tbls. of cornstarch) which needs to be stirred over low heat for a long, long, long time until it thickens, and everyone else waits patiently! ...more

A Birth Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord, I am so proud of her and love her so very much! Because of her, I know now what love really is and who deserves it. I want her to know more than anything how much I love her. Will she ever really know how much my heart aches to hold her in my arms and tell her how wonderful she is? Please God protect my little angel and give her a life full of joyful moments she can cherish. Keep her safe from all the evil in this world and shelter her spirit as she grows so that she can shine with Your love in her, all the days of her life. Lord, You know how much I love her..please let her know in her heart that her birth mom loves her, and tell her I miss her every second too. But also let her know that I am glad she is, where she is. I never want her to feel guilty one day, because she loves her adoptive mom in a way she could never love me. The one that was there for her everyday of her life, should be who she calls mom and the one she always thinks of as her mom. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Let her know, when the times comes and she learns about me, that I will never be jealous of the love she has for her real family. I know that when she gets older she will learn more about the love I have for her, and it might not be understandable until then either. I want her to know she has nothing to worry about or question. All I want her to do is be able to love with all her heart and never feel guilty for doing so. The love I have for her is so deep, it could never be jealous or selfish or want anything from her! My greatest contribution to life is her. She can never do anything that would make me stop loving her, nothing! I’m prepared if she doesn’t understand who I am or what I did. I know God has a reason for everything and I trust in Him. Help us, God, to both spend the rest of our lives on earth living for You and as a reflection of You. Your blessings are abundant and help her to see them all throughout her life. Also let her know that she, herself, is one of your greatest blessings. My love for her is endless and I feel it pours out of my soul constantly for her. I could gush and glean about her every second of my life. There is so much about her I am thankful for, that I can’t see it possible to not praise You every second of every day for what You have done. I won’t regret my decision later in life, although I know I may be tempted to at times. I know it is God’s will, so how could I think to regret that? ...more

we are adopting, and my heart aches for his first mom.  He is due to be born October 10th and ...more

John Walsh & Others Speak Out In Support of the Advancing America's Priorities Act

This afternoon I participated in a press conference call hosted by Americans United for Change, featuring a group of people all supporting bills within the Advancing America's Priorities Act. Speakers included: ...more

The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act Moves Forward!

Today, America's mothers, infants and families have reason to be encouraged and to reach out to their state senators to again request their support of The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act in its final push to passage. YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD and this morning, Majority Leader Reid introduced a package of bills called Advance America's Priorities Act which now includes The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act. ...more

U.S. Senate: Are TVs More Important Than Moms?

It's too bad we're not televisions.  If we were, the government would make damn well sure we were working right.  But at this point, it doesn't seem that postpartum depression awareness is as important as making sure everyone in the United States knows about the transition to digital television.  ...more

MOTHERS Act for Postpartum Depression Losing Momentum -- Online Petition Needs Your Signature

It's time to talk about the Melanie Blocker Stokes (MBS) MOTHERS Act again. I know, I know. We've heard this all before, you're thinking. I already called my Senator, you're thinking. I already wrote about this on my blog, you're thinking. Sheesh!, you may even be thinking. Well, apparently everything you and I have done so far in support of this bill hasn't been enough. ...more

Mother’s Act advocates get very shrill and angry at anyone who questions their advocacy and ...more

Straight Talk About Mental Hospitals & Postpartum Depression

One area I don't like to talk about is hospitalization. I don't know why. It's like the ultimate embarrassment for me or something that at one point I had to be hospitalized in a mental hospital (UGH!) for depression. It was only for a few days, but it's one thing of which I have to say I still feel slightly ashamed. If our society considered mental illness a physical illness, then of course I wouldn't be ashamed, because there is nothing at all wrong with being sick and having to go to the hospital. ...more

I was the third child and after giving birth to me my mother fell into a bad depression state. ...more

Aggressive Online Campaign Against MOTHERS Act for Postpartum Depression Is Based on Falsehoods

There is a ridiculous campaign being waged through petitions and blogs right now to block passage of the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act for postpartum depression. I am truly peeved and disappointed at the breathless, hysterical ranting going on about the MOTHERS Act. Many of those who oppose it seem to have done LITTLE to NOTHING to inform themselves about the actual bill and the organizations that support it. Falsehoods are being spread. Here are some examples: ...more

WOW. I can't believe this is the first I have heard about this "Mothers ...more

Senate HELP Committee Meets Thursday to Mark Up MOTHERS Act for Postpartum Depression

FEBRUARY 14, at 10am, the Senate's HELP committee will mark up the new Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act Bill ... Let's ask the HELP committee to send a Valentine to America's mothers by finishing up the bill and sending it to the Senate floor for a final vote.  ...more