Overwhelmed moms confess

If one of the names you answer to is "mom," chances are good that you live a decent portion of your life feeling overwhelmed. As if the responsibility of caring for another person's (or people's) every need isn't enough, you most likely also have a house to maintain, bills to pay, perhaps a job to go to or a business to run, a blog (or two or three) to keep up, a partner to cheer on, organizations to volunteer for, classes, activities or meetings to attend or to shlep kids to, and the list goes on and on and on. ...more

Just finished reading a book a couple of days ago called "I was a really good mom before ...more

BlogHer DonorsChoose Challenge: No Contribution Is Too Small

We're all pinching pennies, hoping against hope that "all this financial stuff" will sort itself out and we'll all, somehow, escape mostly unscathed and the bad actors who created this house of financial cards will find themselves staring at four walls for a long time. But in the mean time, we have to keep on keepin' on, we have to do our jobs, our kids have to go to school, we have to call our parents and kiss our spouses and and and and and. Somehow, some days, it's just all too much. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Keeping Things "Current" in Health

Did you ever have to watch a health video from ten years ago? Or had to study materials where the hairstyles and clothing gave away the age of the information? So many of us have had this experience that it's a familiar joke in our television and movies. Well, the students in Mrs. M's classrooms (and I say classrooms because she teaches health to all the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at her school) have been making due with Current Health Magazines from 1997 to 2000. ...more

DonorsChoose Campaign: Building Gardens, Building Communities

When I was asked to choose DonorsChoose Challenge project, I immediately knew I had to pick something to do with gardening. Children can benefit from the physical activity of working in a small garden plot; growing their own vegetables encourages children to eat them; and gardening is just plain FUN! ...more

Donors Choose Challenge: Life Through a Lens

Photography changed my life. My first photography teacher told us that photographs give us the most accurate record of our lives, and I believe this more and more the longer I devote myself to picture-taking. This is why I love looking at other peoples' photographs as much as taking my own, and I especially love to see young people excited about photography. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Help kids become historians

A popular African proverb counsels, "Until lions have historians, hunters will always be heroes." Today, I am asking BlogHer readers to help two groups of young lions get excited about studying history by experiencing it first-hand. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge - Well, color me happy!

Last October, I went on a month-long shopping fast -- I gave up shopping, because I was feeling overwhemed by my closet and the things inside it. To help me see what I had in my closet and how could make the most of my wardrobe, I started photographing what I was wearing every day and posting the photos on Flickr. This simple exercise was so incredibly useful to me, in more than one way -- the pictures, and the act of taking them, gave me a chance to be conscious about how my clothes were working and how I was presenting myself every day. It was simple and fun and useful. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Batter Up

Organized sports are widely believed to help keep lower income kids off the streets and more involved in school activities but how are these kids supposed to play baseball without bats? In her DonorsChoose proposal Mrs. L from Virginia writes: I am the coach of the county's eighth grade softball team. We are from a low-income community where male sports receive more funding than female sports. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Donate to Inspire OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!!!

When BlogHer decided to participate in the DonorsChoose Challenge, I immediately began surfing the projects HOPING there was a classroom somewhere wanting to learn politics. I know, half of you just rolled your eyes. But please hear me out. ...more

Puzzling Diversity

There are two values that occupy the highest places in my heart: Helping all children develop to their fullest potential, and supporting individuals in their quests to live full lives outside of the restrictive social roles that we learn from very young ages. The two values are related, but not the same. ...more

That's so awesome.

Suzanne ...more