BlogHers get creative with donation ideas for Global Giving. There's still time to act and save women's lives.

It's been just over two weeks since Lisa Stone announced that BlogHers Act was teaming up with Global Giving to make a difference on the issue of maternal health and asked, "How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, between now and Mother's Day?" ...more

I certainly hope you get those 200 comments!

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Is It Hot on This Planet or Is It Just Me? Earth Day, Clinton, McCain & Obama

For better or worse, it's probably a safe bet that with Earth Day falling on the same day as the Pennsylvania presidential primary, April 22, the candidates are a little more focused on Pa. than on Mother Earth. For today, I'll let it go. ...more

Remember how real seeing the hole in the ozone was? Check out


Podcast: BlogHer talks to Anna Lappé

Last week, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Anna Lappé. I felt a personal connection to the subject matter of food, politics and the environment as BlogHer's resident troublemaking vegan :) We had a great conversation that covered everything from teen rebellion to ranking the importance of all those food-related buzzwords: organic, local, season, plant-centered. I had fun, but I also felt like we talked about a lot of ways BlogHer members, who live in environs from urban to rural, can eat more healthfully...for themselves and the planet. Take a listen! ...more

I can listen, keep working and replay the most salient sections.more

BlogHers Act: Help 40,000 displaced Darfurians receive health care

Sunday, April 13 marked the five year anniversary of the conflict in Darfur, Sudan. Five years of systematic and widespread murder, rape, abduction, and forced displacement. That's longer than my almost 4-year-old daughter's lifetime. It's impossible for me to imagine what it must be like trying to raise your children in the midst of such conditions, yet for the people of Darfur, life must go on. ...more

I saw your blog post this morning, and thank you and the other folks who are coming up with ...more

Meet Donna Callejon, Chief Operating Officer of Global Giving

Donna Callejon with kids in village in Guatemala - the houses, latrines, etc are being built partly with Global Giving support. ...more

BlogHers Act: You can help empower women in Africa and help end HIV/AIDS Stigma

When I was building the landing page for our BlogHers Act - GlobalGiving campaign I went ahead and made my donation before we officially launched. It's always good to test these things, I like testing things. ...more

Wow indeed. She does a terrific job of putting the HIV/AIDS issue in South Africa into ...more

Give Up A Latte, Save A Life: Support The Mother And Child Clinic In Nepal

In just over a month, I will be delivering my baby in one of the best obstetric hospitals in my country. I will have the best doctors, a private room, and every comfort. If I wanted to, I could have a highly-trained midwife, and a doula, and have my home outfitted to accommodate a comfortable home birth. I have every reason to expect - even though I know that there are no guarantees - that I will have a safe and straightforward delivery. It is unlikely in the extreme that anything terrible will happen to either myself or my baby, assuming no complications with the pregnancy. ...more

How Green are THEIR Valleys?

Last week, I took a look at my inner eco-gal and discovered that there's much to be done here at Chez PunditMom to make our lives a lot greener and more Earth-friendly. Next week I'll be writing about the official positions of the Presidential candidates about the environment. Taking a look at where the presidential-hopefuls stand on how to preserve our planet made me start to wonder: How green are their valleys? ...more

MOTHERS Act for Postpartum Depression Losing Momentum -- Online Petition Needs Your Signature

It's time to talk about the Melanie Blocker Stokes (MBS) MOTHERS Act again. I know, I know. We've heard this all before, you're thinking. I already called my Senator, you're thinking. I already wrote about this on my blog, you're thinking. Sheesh!, you may even be thinking. Well, apparently everything you and I have done so far in support of this bill hasn't been enough. ...more

Mother’s Act advocates get very shrill and angry at anyone who questions their advocacy and ...more

I Believe The Children Are Our Future

So, let's say that you're a woman of childbearing age. Let's say that you're a woman of childbearing age who happens to find herself bearing a child. And let's say, further, that you decide that you should have an abortion, and following that abortion, have yourself sterilized? Why, do you suppose, might you make those decisions? ...more

I agree with Toni. It isn't environmentally beneficial to anyone to keep popping out kids, ...more