Help Afghan women safely birth healthy babies

Yesterday Lisa Stone announced that BlogHer has teamed up with Global Giving in an effort to save as many women's lives as possible between now and Mother's Day. There are several worthwhile causes to support, one of which is helping Afghan women safely birth healthy babies. ...more

Thank you for sharing all this great info.  You hear so much about these countries on the ...more

Blog this today: How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, between now and Mother's Day?

How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, between now and Mother's Day, May 11, 2008? If you will download this widget today and encourage your readers to donate, we can find out. Won't you join us? ...more

Blog this today: How many women's lives can we save with donations from the BlogHer community, ...more

April Showers Bring EARTH MONTH

It's April now, which means that it's officially spring. (I know: spring officially begins in March. But does anyone actually buy that? APRIL is the month of daffodils and crocuses and spring rain and green.) Which means gardening and spring cleaning and breathing in the fresh clean goodness of an earth renewing itself. Which means: EARTH MONTH. ...more

 I'm so sorry that this article hasn't gotten more attention.  It was the only one that came ...more

There's more to birth than doctors

It seems odd to me now that there ever was a time in my life when I didn't have much knowledge about birth or birth care providers, but when I became pregnant with my first child that's exactly where I was at. I knew that I wanted to try for a natural birth, but I didn't know much more beyond that. And so I found myself an obstetrician since that was what "everybody" I knew did. I didn't have any local mommy friends at the time to offer up their recommendations, so I made my decision on an OB based on the experience a coworker and his wife had. ...more

I had my first two children via cesarean and I spent some time looking for a midwife to ...more

Typical North American diet is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids - fish isn't the only solution

New research from the Child & Family Research Institute has shown that the typical North American diet (think meat and potatoes) is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. This information is especially important to pregnant and nursing women since the deficiency may pose a risk to infant neurological development. ...more

Hemp milk is a fab dairy alternative. I love it!

Unfortunately I'm allergic to flax and ...more

Straight Talk About Mental Hospitals & Postpartum Depression

One area I don't like to talk about is hospitalization. I don't know why. It's like the ultimate embarrassment for me or something that at one point I had to be hospitalized in a mental hospital (UGH!) for depression. It was only for a few days, but it's one thing of which I have to say I still feel slightly ashamed. If our society considered mental illness a physical illness, then of course I wouldn't be ashamed, because there is nothing at all wrong with being sick and having to go to the hospital. ...more

I was the third child and after giving birth to me my mother fell into a bad depression state. ...more

Are Eco-Moms The New Soccer Moms? Does It Matter?

The other day, an e-mail landed in my inbox with links to a couple of articles on 'Eco-Moms.' "I'm curious what you might think about 'Eco Moms'" wrote the sender, "... positive trend or just another stereotype (like soccer moms, security moms, etc)?" ...more

A fad or trend makes something more readily available to the masses.

What the masses choose ...more

U.S. mothers are dying. Why don't we know that?

This past week as I wandered, or you might say stumbled, around Stumble Upon familiarizing myself with the layout and realizing the potential to find a lot of great blogs, I came across an article that stopped me in my tracks. I wish I could say it was a fabulously uplifting story, but the reality is that it was the complete opposite. ...more
I realize this was four years ago but I obviously just now stumbled upon it. One of those names ...more

The next president holds the power to save a million children

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that nearly 10 million children worldwide die each year before the age of five, yet that is the reality according to a NY Times Op-Ed piece. We are fortunate that we aren't plagued with loss like that here in America, but in places like Sudan, where families are confronted with "every disease imaginable, from leprosy to malaria," it is estimated that approximately "one-quarter of children die by the age of five." ...more

... the next president would make the commitment. There are so many things a president can't do ...more

Aggressive Online Campaign Against MOTHERS Act for Postpartum Depression Is Based on Falsehoods

There is a ridiculous campaign being waged through petitions and blogs right now to block passage of the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act for postpartum depression. I am truly peeved and disappointed at the breathless, hysterical ranting going on about the MOTHERS Act. Many of those who oppose it seem to have done LITTLE to NOTHING to inform themselves about the actual bill and the organizations that support it. Falsehoods are being spread. Here are some examples: ...more

WOW. I can't believe this is the first I have heard about this "Mothers ...more