Announcing the BlogHer 2008 Good Health-a-thon!

Week 1 Update (aka "BALLS OF DEATH") can be found here. It's only January 2nd, and I'm already tired of ad campaigns flashing scales and measuring tapes at me, reminding me that NOW! is the time to join the gym/lose inches/spend a fortune on pre-packaged food diets. I can't hear the words "new year" without some company also trying to convince me that I need to "Lose Weight!" so I can finally "feel better about myself!" Forgive me if I'm skeptical. The truth is, it's 2008 and it's time for a whole new approach. No more meaningless resolutions, no more unrealistic expectations. No more buying into the notion that "feeling better" is inextricably linked to my weight and nothing else. My life, and my health, is bigger than that. It's not about losing weight to feel better; it's about feeling better, period. Which is why I'm very, very happy to be introducing BlogHer's 2008 Good Health-a-thon. It's simple. It's fun. It's personal. And I'll hope you'll join me in making it a success. (The best part? No scales required!) ...more

This is such a great community - thank you Kristen.  (Most hilarious boob post brought me ...more

Sephora Thinks I Should Lose Weight...With Lip Gloss

I admit it. I'm a big sucker for beauty products. Fruity, floral, kitschy cutesy packaging, you name it. I'm like a kid in a candy shop at Sephora. In fact, I dropped a significant wad of cash there this holiday season. Oh, boy did they find a special way to say thanks for my business. ...more

Walk Hard

The Long Walk Home I stayed up New Years Eve and watched the ball drop. Dogger, The Kitty and I each had a spot of champagne- which Dogger liked until she realized it wasn’t water while The Kitty was put out that I even made him taste it - It was $8.99 a bottle from the grocery store, I shouldn’t have been surprised The Kitty didn’t like it. I drank two glasses and dumped the rest into my New Years Day greens and black eyed peas and then I stayed up too late reading my book. I party hard. ...more

I Lost 50 Pounds in Five Minutes

Really, I did. You see, this morning I got on the scale. At first, the number looked not bad, good even, given the way my body feels. Then the figure started to climb, a pound or two at a time. Much to my horror, it kept rising -- and rising and rising! I stepped off, unable to face the final tally. After a moment, I understood that if I didn't get back on the scale, who was I fooling? Surely not myself nor my way-too-tight jeans. After a deep breath, I got back on, prepared for the worst. And sure enough, the same thing happened, the number kept going up and up and UP, far past the point of reason. With a flash, I realized, Wait, the battery is failing, that's what's happening. Sure enough, it was. New batteries solved the problem and instantly, I was 50 pounds lighter. ...more

I've found SparkPeople to be a good website to keep track of calories and to be able to ...more

Cleansing in Canada

Well, here I am embarking on a new challenge. Well, a few I guess. First, I'm now a blogger. I never thought I would want to do something like this. How interesting now I feel like I have something to say. Perhaps I'm finding my inner strength and voice. Just putting that out there. ...more

While a cleanse might not be harmful to some people, it can be deadly to others. Before ...more