Now It's Your Turn

  So a funny thing happened on the way to remodeling our house. We knew it would be expensive, aggravate our neighbors, test our marriage, and bring a whole new meaning to the word inconvenient -- bathrooms and the kitchen (running water, etc.) are hard to live without. We also knew that the process would contain all sorts of fees but one of them stopped me in my tracks. It was called the "School Impact Fee." To the tune of $2,500. ...more

For a minute I thought I was going to chicken out. ;-)

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Headin' Into Fall

Hello Beaudivas! Now that summer is finally behind us, it is time to fall forward into the autumn trends. For those of us without hair keeping our bald heads warm is first and foremost!  Here are some scientific facts about how our body loses heat on a cold day: ...more

Inteview With A Nutrition Vampire

I could do a better job of making sure my kids nutritional needs are met. I feel guilty about this, from time to time, and make a few feeble attempts but one can’t be perfect. An interview with a journalist, or someone who cared, might go something like this: Q I understand that you are the mother of three, two teenagers and one in kindergarten. What do you do to make sure your kids stay healthy? A Well, considering none of them were exactly born healthy, I can’t see how I could keep them that way. It would be impossible, really. ...more

My body through my eyes

Last month I turned 34 and vowed to be a little kinder to my body. I want to give it more respect, to stop judging it so harshly, to discontinue defining it by society’s standards. I resolve to love my body for what it is, rather than continue to hate it for what it will never be. ...more

I'm so glad you posted it.

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New Film on Body Image is online for free

Hello. Just started blogging and thought I'd chime in. I'm a filmmaker producing a series of films on body image. Two of them are being distributed by New Day Films, and one called 34x25x36 is now available for free through the new Youtube Screening Room. Would love any feedback. And also wanted to reach out to educators who might be able to use the films in their classrooms. ...more

Heads Up! Its Alopecia Awareness Month!

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The Golden Rule - Introducing Slow Food to our Children

As good parents, we try to teach our children about the golden rule:  do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Or, more simply: treat others how you want to be treated. The same should be true for our food system.  I am hard pressed to believe that the parents who encourage their kids to treat others nicely would approve of a system that intentionally adds chemicals and ...more

The Ho-Ho Diet Story

I gave up on lofty dreams of a gloriously flat belly when back in high school; my best friend bought it to my notice that they were the precise things that required self denial in the form of giving up on chocolate sundaes and the likes. Life's too short to deny yourself a nice choco soufflé at Casapicola. ...more

Icky Ingredients

  I'm a label reader.  I am that person in the grocery store or pharmacy who stands there in the aisle, dazed look on her face, as she studies the tiny writing on the backs of jars and boxes.  I'm the person who peels back the little sticker at the bottom of a tub of concealer or on the side of a lipstick to see the listed ingredients.  At least 75% of the time, the item I'm studying ends up back on the shelf. ...more

I hate to throw another one into the mix.  I read a report about nanoparticles where some ...more