Pencil Skirts

I am finally able to fit into my pencil skirts this week!  It feels so great to actually wear the other half of my wardrobe.  Have you noticed that once you are in a relationship you gain all this weight ...more

Dear Body: Um, Could I Get Back To You?

I've been struggling with a secret, which is this: I'm really, really not in love with my body right now. I have, been keeping it secret for two reasons: 1) it's totally new to me - I've never really struggled with my body image, even after my last pregnancy, which added padding where no padding had hitherto existed, and so it just feels foreign and weird and (obviously) bad, and 2) it also feels so, I don't know, anti-feminist or anti-woman or anti-me (which, really, collapses into a kind of counter-womanism, to be anti-yourself as a woman) and I just so don't want to be that. ...more

I appreciated your post, and can definitely relate to the way you feel, especially about how ...more

What a putz.

Yes, I'm breaking out the Yiddish on this one: ...more

Autism Could Not Take Everything.

When she was smaller, before she had regressed, I knew she was special. People were drawn to her, they saw something about her also. I remember a common quote at our house was "there is just something about Sophie". Autism could not take that away. It took her speech, her ability to look other people in the eyes, her ability to blend in like all the other children, but it did not take that blessed gift from God, her beautiful spirit. There is a quite gentleness about her. She has a sweetness that is beyond words, beyond eye contact, beyond normal development. ...more

One Hundred Miles To Better Health

I gave birth six weeks ago. Since then, I've lost a lot of the baby weight. Partly because the baby that I was carrying was so huge that his expulsion from the womb represented a massive weight loss, and partly because I've hardly been able to eat anything since he was born, what with his unremitting need to be held ALL THE TIME HOLY HELL. Hardly anything but cookies, that is, and maybe the odd bagel or two. Which, you know, is not the best post-partum diet. ...more

There is sure a lot of adjustment when a baby comes along.  So my tip, as cliche as it ...more

To Pole Dance or Not to Pole Dance

The answer is simple – are you happy with your exercise routine. Does your treadmill turn you on? Now I will not talk bad about the treadmill. It serves a purpose and is extremely useful to those who are unable to go to an establishment and take classes. But ladies lets face it, you get on a treadmill and you walk. Then you walk some more. You imagine yourself in some exotic location, but the moment you open your eyes where are you. You are back home and still in the same spot. ...more

Strength in Numbers

There are few more terrifying moments in a woman's life than hearing the words, "You have cancer."  Yet every day, mothers around the world perch on an exam table in a thin paper gown, listen to these words, and their hearts sink.  What will happen to them now?  What will happen to their children?  Is there treatment available, and will it work?  Will the treatment itself be so disabling that someone else will have to care for their children? ...more

Alcohol and what it does!

So my pals are surely hurting after my lovely friend's 25th. Lucky for me, I was the designated driver as usual. What I was wondering was how alcohol actually affects your body... I mean what are the scientific explanations for these effects? ...more

Cobain and Grohl: Mythic Heroes

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl were both in Nirvana. Both musical legends. Wizards at writing lyrics, at performing, at playing instruments, at writing music. Gods venerated by young people for their scorching hotness (depending on your taste) and electrifying rebellion. And one of them is still alive. And I think their lyrics say a lot about why…. KURT COBAIN   ...more

the sister study...the battle against breast cancer

The statistics indicate that one in five of us will develop breast cancer is pretty scary! What's even scarier is that I personally know 11 women (1 maternal aunt, 1 2nd cousin, 5 co-workers, 3 close friends) who have battled this terrible disease. I am joyful that 9 of these brave women are still kicking this deceased in the butt - while 2 others sadly succumbed to its deadly invasion. ...more