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That S*** Is Rough  ...more

The BPA Controversy Goes On

The recent article from the LA Times and Wall Street Journal on Bisphenol-A (BPA) does nothing but stir the pot on the controversy.  The FDA states that they currently don't find the chemical dangerous BUT if they do, they'll change their findings.  That does not bode well for me as a mother and grandmother.  I urge everyone to read the studies and the testimony given by the FDA in Congress. The link is in my blog at PROMOTIONAL TIMES.  ...more

Weighty Issues

As of last week, I have reached my weight goal: I have lost over 20 pounds. ...more

Goddess versus sex goddess: Is it really just all in the perspective?

With a constant barrage of sexually charged photos, and a commonplace idea that we must use sex to sell and to prove "grown up," have we lost the ability to distinguish healthy sexual awakening and art from sexually exploitative images? Read this post to see images that reflect that transition from girl to woman beautifully and artistically, and also one mom's opinion about how sexually exploitative photos affect not just our eyes but also our vision of our feminity. <!--break--> ...more

#2 - I Want to Fall Deeply, Madly, Passionately In Love With....

MYSELF!! Duh!?!?!   I mean, I like myself.... but I've learned that "love" isn't exactly the word I would use to describe how I feel about me.    ...more

Do carbs make you fat?

You are bombarded with mixed messages about carbs, and if you're like most people, you're a little confused. Are carbs good, or bad? Flash quiz: Answer true or false to each of the following statements. Carbs make you fat. You need carbs to get strong and sexy. Carbs make you smarter. Continue reading “Do Carbs Make you Fat?” ...more

Eating poor, even in America

With rising food costs, it is more important than ever to budget the food bill.  Today, my fiancee and I live on roughly $100 in food each month.  With our earnings, at times, it still is more than we could afford, but starvation is not a viable option.  This month, with my fiancee having to pay the $100 we would usually spend on food on income taxes (he was $8 over the lowest bracket, and o instead of getting $400 back, he was required to pay $150.  All that for $8, and we must scrimp in the meantime.  Thank you Uncle Sam.) Roughly what this buysat he grocery as follows: ...more

Smoothies Make the World Go 'Round


Six weeks to get in shape…Really?!

This is about the time when many realize that their new year's resolution to get in shape has fallen off their to-do list. It seems other "more important" tasks have taken the place of that very special "me" time they worked so hard to carve out. Why now? Because they just looked at the calendar and counted the weekends left until Memorial Day Weekend, the big beach, pool, vacation weekend. This means getting into a nice bathing suit without wearing a coverall or getting into new summer clothes that are a little smaller. ...more

Is stress causing you to gain weight?

We've all heard about the far-reaching effect that stress can have on our health. But did you know that stress can cause you to gain weight? ...more