The Vagina Monologues On YouTube

In honor of the 10th Anniversary of V-Day and BlogHer's exclusive interview with the writer of "The Vagina Monologues" Eve Ensler, I was asked to focus this week's post on "The Vagina Monologues" on YouTube. ...more

"Because He Liked To Look At It" reminds me of the journey to self-acceptance that ...more

What would you ask activist Anna Lappe? Food, health, hunger and the environment are all on her agenda.

I became a vegetarian almost 20 years ago, and when I did Diet For a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé was one of those bibles you kept by your side. It wasn't just inspiring, but a practical guide to leading a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Decades later Moore's daughter, author and activist Anna Lappé, carries on this tradition of activism that is both inspiring and dedicated to helping people make a difference via personal action. I'm thrilled to be conducting an exclusive podcast interview with Anna next week as part of our ongoing Earth Day is Every Day coverage this month. Our interview with Anna will coincide with a launch of an entirely new project that I'm also going to ask her about, and I'm also going to ask Anna about these three main goals in her work: ...more

I think those are great questions. Most people do not live in big cities, so access to all this ...more

Designing your nutrition plan: Are you sabataging yourself?

Are you sabotaging yourself by what you eat? Yesterday, a woman at my gym was in the locker room putting on her makeup. On the counter in front of her was a plastic bag of nuts, and she was eating them as she was getting ready for work. Another woman asked her about the nuts, and she said, “I was told to have protein right after my workout, so I try to eat these every day.” Apparently, other women are doing this, too. It is important to have protein within 45 minutes of a weight training session, and nuts do contain some necessary nutrients, but nuts are not a good source of post-workout protein. They contain too much fat and not enough protein for the purpose. In fact, by the time my friend at the gym was done eating her "post-workout protein", she probably ingested enough post-workout fat to replace whatever she may have burned off through exercise. That’s OK if you’re not trying to lose body fat, but she obviously was. "Someone told her" she should eat those nuts, so she just started doing it. And she is sabotaging herself. ...more

Eating Disorder Recovery and Journaling

                           I started a blog on myspace almost a year ago, titled Conversations With Claudia, and this was my first post. ...more

Be crazy with me

I don't know if I am not getting enough carbs, or if it is peri-menopause (bite my tongue!) or what, but I find that I am doing some crazy things lately. Most recently, I signed up for two cycling events: The Spin-a-Thon and the Tour de Cure. The Spin-a-Thon requires that I ride a stationary bike IN the mall for four hours on April 5, 2008. I will be on display in all my glory: sweating, grunting, groaning. (I am doing this to raise awareness of diabetes, not of my butt, but I fear my butt will get its fair share of attention.) ...more

Raw Food Detox

So this week, as part of our Whole Health and Wellness theme at Pretty By Nature, I am going to embark on a raw food diet. What I really wanted to do was to detox and really clean out my body. I’ve heard about the raw food lifestyle for years and decided that it was most definitely not for me. I enjoy lovely pastas and sauteed veggies WAY too much to give it up. It just occurred to me however that there’s no need to change my entire life. I could just try it for a week, couldn’t I? Can I make it a week even is the question? ...more

Are You Stressing Over Money? It Could Be Making You Sick.

Do you stress over money? I do. With the way the economy is going, if you're not stressing over money now, you sure could be in the near future. Gas prices are going up, home values are going down, and what money we do have is buying less and less. The thing about stressing over money is...It doesn't pay the bills. What it can do, is make you sick. ...more

Dollar is fastly going down against Chinese Yuan. As a Chinese I pain because when I go to ...more

The Measure of Success - my way

This weekend I went shopping for jeans. Previously this had been a horrible experience that I completely dreaded. Not anymore! For starters I had to take a gajillion (yes, that's a word) jeans in the change room with me because I no longer know what size I am in anything. In fact I'm convinced my suits for work are about 6 sizes too big. Not cute - frankly I think I look like a bit of a hobo. ...more

Are 6 Pack Abs Realistic?

More women than not have an unrealistic expectation about what healthy is for them. We strive to fit the current societal standards of attractive weight. I know that I did this for many, many years and have only in the past few years been able to look at myself as a healthy fit person even though I don’t have 6-pack abs! I recently read an interesting fact about this increasingly sought after, but elusive ab definition in Dr. Northrup’s book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. ...more

Goals - Including a before and after

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 Goals - Including a before and after Quite a few moons ago I was a big girl. Not anymore though - not anymore! :o) Today's post is all about celebrating a milestone for me. Several years ago I had allowed my health to spiral somewhat out of control - and somehow I got up to 215lbs. Clearly something had to be done about I started working out. And now I look way different! But in order for you to appreciate how far I've come (60lbs!!!!!) I think you need to see a before and after. ...more