Please, Continue

My dear sweet sister Mary died on December 10th. After our mother died in 2001, Mary was the closest thing I had to a mother. I am the youngest of nine children, and, although I still have several living siblings, this loss - especially so close to the holidays - has been very hard to bear. I remember Mary as a fiercely independent woman who loved to truly experience life, travel, have adventures, and had a marvelously demented sense of humor. Her decline and death has left a hole in my heart, and it will take a long time for that to heal. ...more

STLKiya's ode to single ladies on New Year's Eve 2008

Are you feeling a bit blue ladies because you don't have a man for New Year's Eve?  Well Don't!  It's all good, cuz Sexxy hates England and ain't havin it no more!!!  How bout them apples!  ...more

End of Year - Goal Planning, Mission Statement

I wrote a few weeks ago about the process that I use every December to see how far I've come and light the way for the coming year. I wrote that I would share some of that with you, so here I am again. I do have to start by saying that a lot of this, I got from other sources, predominantly from Franklin Covey. There are forms that you get with certain packages from them and that is where this tradition started for me. ...more

Our Energetic Vibrations and Choosing Conscious Awareness

Being conscious is something we feel we are when we are going through our day. If we are not conscious, then we must be sleeping, or rather unconscious. While it may appear as if we are awake, when we are going through the routines of getting ready for the day, driving to and fro, and doing whatever it is that we need or have to do that day, I can guarantee you that you are not consciously aware of everything which is taking place. How often have you walked around your house, opened a cabinet and then forgotten why you were opening the cabinet in the first place? ...more

Workplace Helps w/Domestic Violence

There has been some branching out from some domestic violence organizations to include information of this problem to Corporate America. Organizations such as Safe Horizon have members of their organization, teaching companies about the impact of domestic violence in their workplaces. Not only does it increase health care expenses, but it also adds to employee absenteeism and productivity. ...more

So - What's With the Hearts?

A few years ago I started seeing hearts everywhere. Not just on the necklace I wore with three little silver hearts and not just dangling from my keychain. Hearts exploded around the world: glass hearts in Venice; hearts on telephone poles in Amsterdam; chocolate hearts in Brussels. Little girls had hearts on their shirts and on the barrettes in their hair; their grandmothers had antique heart brooches and hearts were embroidered into their purses. Hearts adorned the storefronts of boutiques in SoHo and were graffitied on the bodegas of Spanish Harlem. ...more

Can The Internet Save Your Life?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the blogging community can be a lifesaving resource for new moms (and soon-to-be-moms and been-there-done-that moms and everyone in between and beyond.) That's my Internet - a community of caring peers who are always there to provided support and caring and practical help. But what about the Internet that stood by and watched a young man broadcast his suicide on YouTube? What is it that separates the nurturing Internets from the ones that scream 'jump! jump!' at a young man on a virtual ledge? ...more

So many of the blogs (generally mommy blogs, sheesh) I read deal with depression of some ...more

The Delicious Mom

Being A Delicious Mom is more than just being MILFy or SuperMom.  Both terms are definitely compliments to any mother, don't get me wrong, but in actuality, they are unsubstantial. Being a Delicious Mom is about being a Woman and Loving YOURSELF.  Once you achieve this, you and your children will benefit in soooo many ways.  ...more

I couln't have been more stressed... but I survived

I’ve always maintained there are three major stress triggers in a person’s life: when you have to move, when you lose your job, and when you or a love one is ill. In the last year I’ve had all three stress triggers present themselves. In addition, within the last few months I’ve added renovating a home and the death of a loved one to my stress trigger list. On Blogger I write about how to release stress and stay positive. ...more