FRIED GREEN TOMATOS....FRUGAL NOODLES.....and CORN MEAL MUSH.....Depression Era Cooking....

  FRIED GREEN TOMATOS…. FRUGAL NOODLES….and CORN MEAL MUSH…….Depression Era Cooking….....more

5 Natural Edible Healing Remedies

Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries

[Editor's Note: Alanna Kellogg wrote this brilliant strategy post for saving money on food in 2008, predicting food prices would only get worse. Even though the post is a few years old, her tips are still spot-on, and I'm using them as I try to squeeze more out of my family's combined income. -Rita] ...more
This is exactly what I have been saying.  Thanks for making it very clear!more

Show Her the Money

That Warren Buffett's bio is called The Snowball inadvertently has application also to the gathering speed of women's intention to share the nation's economic pie. We already know that the economy's downturn disproportionately affects women. But a number of ...more

Safety Tips for The Holidays

Shopping Safety Tips ...more

Fun, Corporate Holiday Gifts All Under $25!

Fun, Corporate Holiday Gifts All Under $25! Spoiler Alerts ...more

Book Bargains, Videos about Books, and More

This year we all are trying to find a way to get more and spend less. Sounds impossible, but if you check your favorite retailer's website often you can find some great bargains. ...more

Make your donations count: smart charitable giving

To get the most good out of your donations to non-profits, you need to know how much of your donation will go to the program you want to support vs. how much will go to overhead, such as administration and fund raising.  Check out Charity Navigator.  This is a FREE website that has information about thousands of charities and can tell you how much each one spends on their programs vs. overhead. You don't want to be paying someone's outrageous salary with money that you had intended to support a cause you believe in. ...more

Savvy Shopper: Difference Between Recertified and Refurbished

This time of year we are all looking for a way to get the greatest gifts, but get the best deal. There are great deals to be had when you understand the lingo. You’ll see “Recertified” and “Refurbished” used interchangeably, but what is the difference? And what does it mean?  ...more