Won’t You Come Cosplay with Me at GenCon?

An article in the New York Post that was recently written by Linda Stasi has the cosplay community in an uproar....more

Summer is for Cons and Festivals!

I realized a long time ago that I live for a good convention, no matter where or what it is. My 2012-2013 conference trek kicked off without a hitch in the city of sin, Las Vegas, for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show(CES) (2014 registration opened on the 1st (Register)) and speaking at various panels and meeting amazing people.I'm serious..have you seen my BADGE addiction?...more

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Can't make it to Book Expo America? *Armchair BEA* is coming to you!

Despite how it might feel if you read a lot of book blogs, not everyone is going to Book Expo America and/or the Book Blogger Convention later this month - and shouldn't those of us who are staying home get to have some fun too? Late last week, some Twittering book bloggers realized that while we might not be in New York City between May 25th and 28th, meeting bloggers and authors and collecting ARCs, we could try simulating the experience virtually - and thus Armchair BEA was born! If you're NOT going to New York City for BEA and BBCon, you are cordially invited to be part of Armchair BEA, the book-lovers' convention that comes to you!...more

I'll be looking forward to your posts.

Contributing Editor Sassymonkey also blogs at ...more

The Women: Econ Women Conference

Today I attended the Econ: Women conference here in New York. It was very informative, as the panel discussions focused on women in online media, advertising and community. Co-CEO Wenda Harris Millard of Martha Stewart Omnimedia kicked off the conference by saying "Flat is the new up". It was her response to the current economic conditions. Wenda announced MSLO's investment in Pingg.com, an online invite for event application. ...more

I don't know what I found more interesting in your post: Andrew Shue, Heather Armstrong, Martha ...more

Rocking the Vote For Obama

  On a Listserv that I subscribe to a member discussed the lack of musical artists who were publicly discussing the upcoming election. A debate ensued about whether people were actually interested in what their favorite artist had to say. After all, does their opinion really matter? ...more

Who is BO and BHO? 

Trish from Canada writes:

But ...more

Must they take back America? If they do, should we move to Canada?

With all this discussion of book banning, I thought I'd share a phrase or two I'd like to ban.  Well, not ban I guess, because I believe in free speech.  So how about a phrase or two I really wish people wouldn't use?  At the top of my list right now is "Take back America" or "Take back our country".  LET'S TAKE BACK AMERICA! YAAYYYY!!!!!  Let's not. ...more

What does it mean to vote "Present"

Last week at the Republican National Convention, Republican leaders mentioned a few times that Senator Barack Obama had voted "present" on several occasions. The inference of the statement by the Republican leadership was that Senator Obama had voted "present" in order to avoid taking a stand on an issue. Did Senator Obama actually vote "present" on several occasions? Absolutely. ...more

I knew what it meant before I got mad at him for doing it, I just got mad because he ...more

Native Americans and the 2008 election

According to the 2000 Census, Native Americans are only 1.5 percent of the US population, but their participation in this year's presidential election might be especially important. American Indians are a critical voting bloc in several swing states, according to a recent study. ...more

I'm hooked on a radio program called Native America Calling. It's a call-in talk show on public ...more

Will Racism Pick the President? Plus WOC on Palin

Republican pollster Frank Luntz thinks so. He sought to reassure the California Republican delegation that Obama's lead in polls is, in part, an illusion... ...more

 I thought I was having an honest conversation.  Then I get this. Obama's website explains ...more