I voted against proposition 8, and I am very proud of it!

I voted 'No' on Proposition 8 on the recent election, and I am proud of my decision. I believe all individuals have the right to decide who they want to marry. Just to give a little background on Proposition 8, “Proposition 8 was a California ...more

Barack's Moratorium

Spread the wealth but don't forget the Blonde. I too was twisted into buying more than I could afford. Do I get 3 months moratorium on my credit card payments? The girl at Nordstrom said I could afford the Balenciaga shoulder bag, if I charged it. I believed her and now I am stuck paying...its not fair...I should be bailed out, too!! If you want the credit institutions to feel good about giving more credit, why not lower the credit rate on already inflated, beyond the sky, charge cards so people can get a bit of relief to help pay off the original debt? ...more

Hillary Clinton tells bloggers Dems likely to win White House and Senate in November

In a conference call with bloggers this evening, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said she was "taken aback" by Sen. John McCain's endorsement of her proposal to create a government agency to buy up and refinance mortgages in foreclosure during last night's presidential debate with Sen. Barack Obama. ...more

That proposed rule scares the hell out of me. Glad to see Clinton going after it. ...more

Snidely McCain Bullies as Usual but Fails to Tie the Final Knot

Remember the bumbling villain Snidely Whiplash in the Dudley Do-Right animated series?  But for the absence of mustache, John McCain might well have been mistaken for Snidely in the ...more

I Blog Because it Makes Me a Better Dinner Companion

My father-in-law is now my Facebook friend.  He invited me yesterday, and while I never really considered ignoring his invitation, I accepted him with warning bells sounding loudly in my head. ...more

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my ex in laws who I really do love never ask to ...more

"Be Wery Wery Frightened"; Elmer Fudd, my nightmare and the Debate

I woke up this morning with Elmer Fudd’s voice in my head.   He whispered to me with his knees shaking, “Be wery, wery, frightened.”  Now I’m enough of a Bugs Bunny fan to know that Elmer would always hold his finger up to his lips and utter “be wery, wery quiet.”  But as dreams go, sometimes things go a bit differently.  I don’t remember anything from the dream, just Elmer and his warning which continued t ...more

Notes from the Presidential Debate

Neither heavy rain nor three thousand members of the media all crowded into one large tent nor the realization that Greta Van Susteren can't possibly weigh more than 90 pounds could keep me from last night's presidential debate. ...more

Thanks for the name calling, by the way.

If you vote for McCain, I would have to say ...more

Presidential Debate Tango

You throw an old jab in! You throw an old jab out! You throw an old jab in! And you screw his time about!   McCain was prepped well for last night's debate - really well.  He had a definite strategy.  It went something like this: ...more

What is the proper role of the Vice-President ?

Of all the differences between the two major party tickets for the US presidency, one of the most profound may be their disagreement on the limits on the authority that the Constitution grants to the Vice President. That difference emerged in bold relief during last week's vice-presidential debate when Gov. Sarah Palin said: ...more

Both Healy and Glenn Reynolds more

Oof. Palin.

I started off as a Hillary supporter.  Ahhh... a yearning for the good ole' days. When she did not get the nomination I was angry. So angry in fact, that I considered voting for McCain. He was always a bit more moderate than the average republican, and he did have some very public "spats" with the Bush Regime. ...more

Please don't believe the scare stories against Palin. This sort of thing is on the same level ...more