Rick Warren and the Inauguration: Can We Find Common Ground?

When President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration team announced the pick of pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation a firestorm of controversy was unleashed. ...more

Linked above, Depak Chopra would agree with you that religion should not play a role in a ...more

Green Obama

As President Bush announced yet another bail-out, this time for American automakers, it's hard to remember that there are other important problems that will need some serious attention when the administration takes over in January. ...more

Any kind of plan to save the planet is better than no plan at all. 

The Moxie Report. ...more

Say It Isn't So, O!

They always disappoint you, these politicians. I tend to be a bit of a Pollyanna or at least a cockeyed optimist even after all these years of political involvement. And though Obama's appointments have sometimes been thrilling, sometimes worrying; I figured we needed to cut the guy some slack; he's got a mighty hard job in front of him after all, and it is critically important that he be successful. ...more

Do you point out Obama to your kids as a role model? WaPo quotes a BlogHer's response

Do you remember when you learned that your parents weren't perfect? Or always right? Or the first time someone rolled their eyes at you - at any age - when you started a sentence with, "MY mom says...!"? And maybe it wasn't a parent. Maybe it was a beloved teacher or coach or even someone else's parent. ...more

Who's More Worried About the Economy -- Barack Obama or You?

Up until the last couple of days, I was sure that the economy and its sad, sad shape occupied the top spot on Barack Obama's worry list as President-elect. That pesky Illinois Governor seems to have knocked Obama off-message and off-stride, but I'm hoping he'll get his attention back to where it needs to be for the millions who voted for him -- and for the ones who didn't vote for him, as well. ...more

Show Her the Money

That Warren Buffett's bio is called The Snowball inadvertently has application also to the gathering speed of women's intention to share the nation's economic pie. We already know that the economy's downturn disproportionately affects women. But a number of ...more

The Future of Race and Politics After Electing Obama

The election of Barack Obama to serve as the 44th President of the United States does not bring and end to racism nor racial politics. However, the election of the first non-white president will likely have an effect on political engagement and involvement (empowerment) of not only African Americans but other racial and ethnic groups as well. ...more

Is Getting Out of Iraq Still at the Top of Obama's List?

Barack Obama's security team is in place and once January 20 rolls around, it should be full steam ahead on his promises about getting us out of Iraq, right? ...more

What an Obama Presidency Means: JOBS

The newly elected Democratic presidency will literally create millions of new jobs in order to re-build America after the recent economic downturn. In an Ohio economic speech earlier this month, Obama stated: “Today I’m proposing a number of steps that we should take immediately to stabilize our financial system, provide relief to families and communities, and help struggling homeowners. It’s a plan that begins with one word that’s on everyone’s mind, and it’s spelled J-O-B-S.” So, where will jobs be growing, and how will he support America’s working women? Read on for an in-depth look. Breaking News Update: 2.5 Million Jobs by 2011Obama and his economic team are working hard to develop an Economic Recovery Plan — the details of which are still being worked out — but according to Change.gov is “a two-year, nationwide initiative that will strengthen our economy and put millions of Americans to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, modernizing our schools, and securing our clean energy future.” What can we expect as working, or looking-for-work, Americans? Concisely put, Obama is investing in our economic future, promising 2.5 million additional jobs by January 2011. For The LadiesAs president, Obama will continue to promote paycheck equity and close the wage gap between men and women. Read on for details on how he will expand paid sick days, invest in women-owned businesses, and promote women in math and science. Where Are Jobs Growing?● Energy & Environment● Health Care● Teaching Why Education MattersWhile jobs are available for people of all education levels, high-impact jobs require applicants to earn college degrees. Across the board, employees with bachelor’s degrees or higher are eligible for greater salaries, better benefits packages, and also tend to have more job stability. See original article on WomenCo.com. ...more