The mortgage crisis and the elderly: a perfect storm in the winter of life

You may not remember Addie Polk, but perhaps you remember her story at the tail end of the presidential campaign. Polk is the 90-year-old Akron, Ohio widow who shot herself as sheriffs attempted to evict her from her foreclosed home. In a debate on the House floor last month, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) derided the proposed $700 billion plan to rescue the financial system by declaring, ...more

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I think ...more

When your running mate has deemed you



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End of Hibernation

Since the end of the primaries, I've been trying to lay low. I wanted to take a break, give my mind a chance to clear out, so I could start fresh. It hasn't been completely possible. From Hillary's incredible visit here in Silicon Valley several weeks ago, to the Emily's List conference in DC, from trying to figure out what to do with the local Hillary supporters, including giving the local Obama campaign folks a chance to meet and speak with them, to Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones' sudden and untimely death a few days ago, the election and activism intrude. ...more

question about the economy!!

i recently posted on my job hunt frustration!! oh, its been almost 6 months!! i tried to get hired as a server, culinary, !! nope, nothing then it occured, maybee im not the only one do you belive its harder for a gir vs a guy to find a job? do you believe the situation shall get better in a year, 2 years, ever? do you believe any political candidate can do anything about it? ...more

This is my candidate!


 I was clued to this on cspan. heh. what a wonk, eh? some of the actual citations were  ...more

What Do Black Canadians Think About Obama?

This week an article I wrote about the observations on the Democratic Presidential election among Black Canadians was published in my hometown newspaper, the Toronto Star. As any freelance journalist knows, you have to adhere to a rigorous word count and I really wanted to post some of the perspectives from the interviewees that didn't make the cut, here. ...more

How on EARTH can anyone call Obama an "immigrant"? Because his father isn't ...more

I heard about this while listening to Frangela

on KTLK AM 1150: Al Gore endorses gay marriage. ...more

Now I can't vote for anyone in the primary.

Kucinich Drops Out, The Nation via Yahoo! News. Emphases mine. ...more