Arming Ourselves Against the End of the World

This week has been a difficult one. Not only for myself, still confused about the largest political upset in the history of this country, but for my friends, who have expressed legitimate fear for their own lives in response to the results of this presidential race.In general, I'd wait to speak out. There are too many emotions, there's too much information to sift through. But I can no longer sit idly by....more

The day after

This is mostly for my friends in Germany: Some of you have sent me texts, emails and WhatsApp messages last night and this morning. "The only good thing about this is, that you're coming back, now, right?", "This is terrible!", "Let me know when I should start looking for houses.", "We are speechless.", "Germany is in shock." Thank you for that! It made me feel a bit better....more

Hillary Clinton helps give life to cancer patient

Cold. Calculating. Ambitious. Dishonest. Self-serving. Hawkish. If a situation has no way to serve her purposes, she turns her back and walks away. She doesn’t love America or its people. She doesn’t care about their struggles. She cares about Hillary Clinton....more

My Husband for President . . . because . . . well . . . why not?

I vividly remember an argument I had with my friend Lori S. as we walked home from school one day — she was sure her father would make the best president of the United States and I was equally sure mine would. In the late 1960s, at the ages of about 7 and 8, we were clearly consummate authorities on smart men. It wasn’t until much later that I realized neither father was qualified....more

How Hillary Clinton Won the Vote of This Former Deplorable

Spoiler:  It didn’t happen overnight.At 23, I became a single mother.  It was an ugly breakup and, as a stay at home mother, I was short on options.  So, I moved home with my two kids and went back to work....more

What Women Remember

 Women know what it is to experience oppression. And although it sometimes seems as if younger women don’t fully grasp some of what older women have experienced, they’ve lived with their own share of this problem just the same. So this isn’t going to be a discussion of who understands what....more

Why Women Need to Man Up*!

If I hear one more woman act horrified by what Donald Trump has said about women I am going to lose it…Ladies--toughen up--your great-grandmothers worked freaking hard to get you where you are today. Let's keep going and focus on real issues...Sorry Donald Trump said things about women being fat or hot or the myriad of dumb. Move on. For the sake of your great-grandmother....more