are you a big fish? or a little fish? if you view yourself as a little fish,  who does it serve? why think so small? are you hiding from it all? why not be a big fish, dream big, and accomplish big things in your life? serve yourself and humanity on a larger scale.. LIVE AN EXTRAORDIARY LIFE.......more

Save it, Rielle

Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ Baby Mama, has written a book.  Well, I’m sure somebody wrote it for her, but anyway….. I’m not sure what her story will be, because I will never read the book.  Yet, I’m going to predict quite confidently that it’s about one (possibly all) of the following:She was duped.She was a victim.It was love.Yadda, yadda, and yadda Save it, Rielle, because it doesn’t matter.  He was somebody else’s husband. Leave him alone.  Any questions? ...more

Degrees of Infidelity – Which is Worse?

(To see the photo of the cheaters' gallery see my blog: I wrote this two days ago before Anthony Weiner confessed to his internet escapades, so have added a footnote about his now widely discussed degree of evil at the end of this post. The other evening over dinner, while talking with my husband and a woman friend, after pondering such gentlemen as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I posed the (totally theoretical, you understand) question: What is the worst kind of cheating husband? ...more

Indictment of Sen. John Edwards Spurs Legal Debate, Laments for Opportunities Lost

A federal grand jury handed down a six-count indictment today against former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards that he illegally used campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair....more

to this story. It sounds like a lot of effort went into covering up the trail, lying to ...more

Arnold and Dominique: Adultery (aka Folie) a Deux

One of the most influential men in the entire world stands accused of violent rape. He was thought to have left the fancy hotel. He had not left. He allegedly laid in wait. Allegedly naked. And she reportedly is HIV positive, will he now sue her for "deliberate endangerment by exposure to a virus" or some other legal term? His well paid attorney is now saying it was a ‘set up’ to ruin Mr Strauss-Kahn’s political potential....more

Office of the Cheater

by Lianne Castelino They say politics makes for strange bedfellows.  THEY are so darn wise.  Would THEY also know then why so many politicians, Arnold Schwarzenegger being the latest, make such phenomenally poor choices in their bedrooms? What is it with these so called "public servants"?  Do they forget how to serve their own wives and children? How many of them now have we all had to listen to as they flail around in public professing their guilt over extramarital affairs. ...more

Mourning a Mother

Mourning A Mother The empty nesters join the entire country in mourning the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. A lawyer, political wife, writer, and most importantly mother of 4, Elizabeth lost her valiant battle with metastatic cancer this morning with her family, including estranged husband John, by her side. Whatever we think of John and his despicable behavior, he is the father of their children. It will now be his responsibility to raise their two youngest , Emma Claire 12, and Jack 10. The Edwards story has been all over the media....more

Life Lessons From Elizabeth Edwards, And Why We Can't Hate John

Rest in Peace seems most appropriate for a woman whose life was anything but restful or peaceful. Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday after a long fought battle with cancer. ...more

How do I get traffic to Have once dated Clarence Thomas? Have a baby with John Edwards?

Starting a new business is not for sissies.  I've begged friends to forward my site to their buddy list, stopping short of telling them that Bill Gates will reward them for doing it, I've been featured in "The New York Times" and put blogs up everywhere, this is taking longer than I would like.  There are obvious short cuts to getting attention.  Some of the more well known ones are: Live in Arizona and offer yourself up as a presidential candidate "if there's no one else to do the job."  Okay, Sarah, I'll do it.  You can go home, put on your waders and fish...more

Anyone You Want to see on a Cremation Urn?

There was no outlet for my political outrage, which dates back to the so-called election of George W....more