Sexism, Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton

Although I'm a Republican, I was thrilled to see Hillary Clinton do so well in the primaries.  I wasn't a supporter of hers but I really thought that she was the best candidate running in the Democratic Party for POTUS..  I was just as outraged as her supporters to see some in the MSM treat her in such a sexist way.  What was equally upsetting for me was reading such nasty sexist rhetoric from some of the Obama supporters, especially from many of the far left liberal blogs.  It was like watching the Liberals eat their own.  What disturbed me even more was that none of the leaders ...more

I thought for sure I had posted my blog post in May on ...more

The Obama Truth Squad

I found the link to another version of this video on Tammy Bruce's website. I found it very disturbing... is this the CHANGE Obama speaks about? Is this what he wants his followers to believe in? The Obama Truth Squad is his first stab at taking away our freedoms. Please watch this video. ...more

And what is wrong with making sure that libelous and/or slanderous information is not put out ...more

Little Bunny Foo Foo Fluffy Bunnies: Harmless? Politics | Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 4:02:13 pm PST The Associated Press seems to sense, in some dim way, that they may have gone a little over the line with that ludicrous “analysis” by Douglass Daniel that tries to accuse Sarah Palin of racism for mentioning Barack Obama’s association with former Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers. ...more

I AM SO G>... sick and tired of hearing all this racist crap exploding into the world today - I ...more

Political Bumper Stickers & Signs- Yes or No?

It must be election season, because I see more and more political bumper stickers popping up on cars, and signs in yards. I am uncomfortable pasting a sticker on the back of my car, announcing who I am going to vote for, or whom I am supporting in this (or any) election.  On one hand, I understand why people do it- they are excited about their candidate(s), and want to make a statement.  ...more

I've heard too many reports from people who were harrassed or whose cars were vandalized for ...more

Voter Suppression Wiki is up at Jack & Jill Politics

This afternoon Jack Turner and Jill Tubman over at Jack & Jill Politics have launched the Voter Suppression Wiki, a non-partisan ...more

More people need to check their voter registration information NOW while ...more

Sarah Palin, Feminism, & Double Standards

It seems everyone has their thoughts and opinions about the first Republican vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, these days, and I am no different. I was surprised when I heard McCain had picked her, but I was also happy that a woman was now on one of the political party's top ticket.  It didn't matter to me what ticket she was on- as a woman and a mother, I thought it was a step in the right direction. ...more

SO, if Carville (who is definitely pro-bama) says there will be riots, it's not racist, but ...more

LIVE BLOG: Advocacy on the internet? Yes, we can!

The TR spent yesterday at Innovative Advocacy seminar at the Chamber of Commerce. Ah, the Hall of Flags... so gorgeous, and that giant door we struggled open to let ourselves in left us feeling accomplished before anything even started! Read more at the Turner Report! ...more

Requesting homework help from BlogHers for CNN appearance tonight

Help! No, wait, first: Thank you! Without the support, encouragement and advice from multiple BlogHers, not to mention the encouragement I get just from reading the fantastic ideas and debates on BlogHer, I would not even be in the position of asking for some homework help from you. I'm going to be on CNN Newsroom anchor Tony Harris' Blog Buzz tonight. We tape at 6:30 but I think the hit time is 7:30 and no - it shouldn't interfere with the Oscars. But, it's only four and a half minutes so - you can break for it. :) ...more

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Flamingo ...more