Ode to a Hanging Chad

The presidential election of 2000 was particularly painful for me. ...more

Poll Pegs Black Support for Romney at Zero Percent

Pollwatchers nation-wide did a double-take Tuesday after reports of an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey pegged African American support for that Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney at 0 percent, versus 94 percent for Pres. Barack Obama. The telephone survey queried 1000 registered voters and included about 110 black respondents. Romney also trailed Obama with among women, Hispanics and voters under 35....more
Thanks to all of you for the vigorous discussion. @Terri and @Laura - I'd love to dialogue with ...more


Originally posted at www.moderndaypearls.com.I love pie charts.  As well as other graphs.  And pie.  But if there's one thing I can't stand when it comes to graphs is ones that show polls with incomplete information that lead readers to believe more than one-third of Americans want to keep fighting the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Exhibit A:...more

What Was Your Favorite Poll Topic in 2011?

BlogHer Research published over 40 polls in 2011, and from the responses we now have a pretty good idea of what the readers in our community like and dislike. We've compiled a list of the 10 most popular polls from last year and the results show that BlogHer women have tremendous skills in forecasting what the rest of the country will soon be buzzing about. ...more
No, we are not settled yet. We moved some on Friday evening, and then moved 3 truckloads between ...more

*Opinions please* I need your thoughts...

Can you please tell me what your top one or two frustrations are (were) about raising young kiddos.  What issues did you feel like there were no (good) answers for?  What are you struggling with right now? Bed time? Biting? Sharing?  Sibling Rivalry? Feel free to explain as much or as little as you want!  I am writing a book and want to see the topics that are relevant to a lot of people, not just the things I struggled (and am still struggling) with. Thanks for sharing - I appreciate your thoughts!!  Enjoy your day!...more

A Christmas Poll

I have a Christmas gift poll going on on my blog. I'd LOVE lots of input!   www.AthenaBees.com Thank you so much!...more

I think that homemade gifts are full of WIN as long as they geared toward the person that is ...more

Poll: Who Is Telling You How To View Others?

Who is thinking for you? You may believe that you make decisions for yourself, but in reality everyone is heavily influenced by their environment. But the question is do we have to be, especially in a way that is detrimental to any community or group? We quickly jump to judge others and point fingers and forget to look within to discover what it is we are really against or hate....more

This Election Day, It Seems Like Christmas

Casting my vote has never felt so good. Even despite my one passing moment of Hillary-missing, I happily flipped the switch for Barack Obama. A friend went with me to the polling station, and we were both so excited it felt like Christmas—with the exception that we must wait until tonight for Santa to bring us our present, a brand new Democratic President. ...more



Voter Suppression Wiki is up at Jack & Jill Politics

This afternoon Jack Turner and Jill Tubman over at Jack & Jill Politics have launched the Voter Suppression Wiki, a non-partisan ...more

More people need to check their voter registration information NOW while ...more

Ron Paul stumps for third-party candidates -- all of them

Last week, former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul held a press conference urging American voters to pull the lever for a third-party candidate this November -- any third party candidate. ...more

I, like a lot of people on these boards, fall somewhere between the two major party ...more