e-Voting 2.0 -- Time to open (source) the voting process

“Criminy,” he said. “You’ve got four different vendors. Why should their source codes be private? You’ve privatized the essential building block of the election system.” -Jeff Hastings, Republican head of election board, Cuyahoga County, Ohio This year, if you find yourself standing at a touch-screen voting machine, consider this: How the machine actually tallies your votes is secret. The programming in the machines paid for by taxpayer dollars, used in public elections of our public officials, is considered by the machines' manufacturers to be a proprietary secret. If we did the same thing for paper ballots, a private company would collect the ballots, count the votes in secret, in a locked room, without any public or bipartisan supervision, and then emerge with what it says are the results. Would the American public stand for that? I think not. So why are voting machines different? ...more

Now I can't vote for anyone in the primary.

Kucinich Drops Out, The Nation via Yahoo! News. Emphases mine. ...more

Will a Largely Internet-run Campaign Make a Difference?

Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for President, is making news in the mainstream media. He's not making news because of his ideas, although his ideas do get mentioned. No, he's making news because he's this year's Internet phenomenon. Paul is running a shoestring-budget campaign using the power of the Internet and the blogosphere to spread his ideas. He's garnered a devoted following that is vocal, active, and growing. Will this make any difference in the election? ...more

Hi Virginia. I hope his campaign makes a difference. Whether you like him or not...the MSM has ...more

Are you discouraged from participating in politics? Or is politics discouraged from participating with you?

This week on the blog MyDD, Melissa Ryan wrote: “Women have told me that they're to intimidated to comment and post diaries on political blogs. I think that reluctance comes from a society that discourages women from participating in politics. That's a much larger problem, one that traditional media and political organizations aren't about to tackle. Instead they throw pot shots at bloggers, and in turn potentially discourage women from joining the Netroots coalition. Sexism exists everywhere. Yes it's a part of the netroots but as Jane {Hamsher, from Firedoglake] points out sexism is deeply rooted in the culture of both politics and media. The lack of women participating on political blogs is a discussion worth having, but the MSM shouldn't be driving the debate. Women bloggers should." One of the things I like most about BlogHer is that we defy labels. We cover everything. ...more

Though of course I was cheering harder for Morra, they were both so smart and articulate. I was ...more

Obama wins MoveOn.org's Town Hall vote on Iraq

From MoveOn.org's recent candidate Town Hall: Senator Barack Obama led a field of seven Democratic presidential hopefuls in MoveOn.org Political Action's straw poll on the question "Which candidate do you believe would be best able to lead the country out of Iraq?" Obama received 27.87% of the total votes cast and was followed closely by former Senator John Edwards who garnered 24.74%. What's interesting is that among MoveOn members who did NOT attend/watch the Town Hall, Edwards was the winner on getting out of Iraq, with Richardson second and Obama in third. So what did Obama say to convince folks? Hillary did not inspire confidence among this group to get us out of Iraq, but MoveOn is the same group that helped bring Howard Dean to prominence in 2003 because Dean had a strong anti-war platform. Click here to listen. ...more

These surrender artist candidates are a disgrace.

I certainly hope the United States doesn't ...more