Fallout From Rush Limbaugh's Offensive Comments

At the top of today's list of hot topics is the fallout for talk show host Rush Limbaugh over his idiotic comments made about Georgetown law school student, Sandra Fluke.  As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” in response to her testimony on behalf of her fellow female students at George...more
 @HomeRearedChef Before the news broke about Limbaugh's comments I was reading a book for my ...more


In light of Senator John McCain’s senate record of the last few years (and in celebration of the repeal of DADT passing!), I would like to respectfully demand that he relinquish his self-proclaimed title of “Maverick.”...more

Election night coverage: what got your attention?

For news organizations, Presidential elections are about as big as it gets, so it's no wonder that many of them unveiled shiny tech tools to impress news consumers. But did widgets and effects make the news more interesting and understandable, or were they just gimmicks? Here's my quick review -- I hope you'll add yours. ...more

And I haven't seen any research along those lines. It makes sense that off-site embedding ...more

What it's like for a Canadian: An Electionary Fable.

It's as if you had a sister. A sister you loved dearly, who you certainly had some disagreements with but who overall you really loved and wanted the best for. And for a long time, your sister has been making really bad choices in men. And even though you kept telling her that these jerks she was with were no good for her, in reality all you could do was watch, because she wasn't going to listen to you anyway. ...more

Making your voice heard

Today is an exciting day, for me and for millions of other Americans because we get to go to the polls and pick our next president — and irrespective of whom you’re voting for, I hope you will be voting and will make your voice heard.  As the Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee, I am of course backing John McCain.  At the end of the day, I believe he offers the country our best chance to move forward, especially where our economy is concerned. ...more

First of all, I am happy that an African American has achieved the highest office in the ...more

Finally! Election Day 2008: Who earned your vote?

Welcome! Join BlogHer's coverage of Election 2008: * Show us your vote: Did you take a picture or video of your vote? Post it here - or learn how before you go * Swing states: If you're from a swing state, we want to hear from you! * Voter access: If you have trouble at the polls, we want to know about it ...more

Since I work at home, I just popped out mid-morning and only had to wait about ten minutes. ...more

What A Dream I Had, Pressed In Organdy

By the time this gets posted, most of you who are unfortunate enough to read my little blog will have already voted.  And I’ve waited until today to post it because I don’t even for one second want to come across as “this is who you should vote for.”  YOU should vote for whoever YOU deem most worthy.  This is simply putting it out there for one day, a day far away from now, when I’ll wish I could go back to this day in our history, this monumental day for our nation, and see exactly what the hell I was thinking. ...more

Putting country first

As we head into the final hours of the 2008 presidential campaign, millions of voters will make the final decision as to whether they should cast their ballot for president for Senator McCain or Barack Obama. For me, the decision has been easy: I’m supporting Senator McCain, because I believe that he is best prepared to lead our country through the tremendous challenges we face, both at home and abroad. ...more

That can be a tough thing to accomplish in politics, where party loyalty is often ...more

Native Plants for Tomorrows Candidates

In light of tomorrows election a Landscape Design Blog called 'Studio g' dedicated part of an ongoing series about native plants to be inspired by the four candidates that we will vote on tomorrow. Clever and with tongue firmly in cheek, the post picks plants that share personality traits.  ...more