First Woman Poised to Lead College Republicans

Could the best cure for the GOP's diversity deficit be a young female leader? The first woman could be elected to lead the College Republican National Committee....more

Was Romney's Defeat a GOP Referendum?

Gov. Mitt Romney's failure to unseat President Barack Obama, with Republicans and Democrats still reigning over the House and Senate, respectively, leaves Washington as we found it before last night: status quo....more
I used to consider myself an independent until the Tea Party came along and IMHO some very ...more

"I Voted!" and other things you should shout at people.

It’s Election Day! Did you vote yet? If not…quit reading this blog and go vote!I cast my ballot this morning and felt all patriotic and proud until I realized that my polling station totally doesn’t give out “I Voted” stickers! Uh, excuse me, but half of the reason I got up this morning and walked through the bitter cold to two different polling stations to cast my presidential vote was so I could be all bragg-y to others on the bus who obviously hate America and didn’t vote yet. ...more

Romney Banking on Low Turnout, Enthusiasm Gap

Happy Election Eve! National polling predicts a tight presidential election between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney and some fear a long, drawn out ballot count. Mostly notably, both camps fear a provisional ballot count in Ohio that cannot begin until 10 days after the polls close. Hanging chads, anyone?...more
Rasmussen and Pew were not the most accurate pollsters in 2008. You're looking at the outdated, ...more

Think Before You Vote: 7 Choices You Make With Your Ballot

If you're willing to give up your mortgage tax deduction, vote for Mitt Romney. If you think the mortgage tax deduction is crucial to the middle class and a healthy economy, vote for Barack Obama.If you think veterans are on the dole and are part of the "victim class" who expect undeserved entitlements from the government, vote for Mitt Romney....more


By Anne WallWe're doing our best to turn Wisconsin into a "red" state in support of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Most polls show Romney and Obama in a near dead heat in Wisconsin, but I believe republicans have greater enthusiasm and a well-orchestrated ground campaign. If voter turnout is similar or better than the special recall election this summer, republican candidates may do well in Wisconsin. ...more

Mitt Romney’s Economic Development Binders

Much has said about the binders of resumes that Mitt Romney received after he was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. But nothing has been said about the Binders of Accomplishments that the women who served in his cabinet presented to him four years later....more

Romney Campaign Caught Between Storm, Election Day

Superstorm Sandy devastated major parts of the country, tripping up Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign as it tried to adjust strategy just one week until Election Day. Naturally, the concerns for the several dozen believed dead in the wake of the storm takes precedence over all else as does the relief efforts to help those in need....more
What are you trying to say? Today's polls show Obama with a clear margin over Romney.more

Mitt Romney: Insider Takes

Women who held senior roles in his Administration speak up   Seven women who worked closely with Mitt Romney in senior posts when he served as Massachusetts Governor recently got together for a special reunion.  It was a true joy to reconnect with a group of such diverse and talented professionals. We proudly served for four years in the Romney/Healey Administration, handed detailed transition...more

How Mitt Romney Has Empowered Women

"Baby, law isn't a good profession for girls," my father told me. "Stay with music, dear, that is what you and your people do so well," my high school dean said. I was 16, and asking them the most important question of my life:  Will you tell me how to become a lawyer? ...more
This post shoud be on the front page. You are proof of what can be accomplished and speaking ...more